09 October 2012

Weekend Happenings (Originally Published 24 Jun 2008)

Weekend Happenings

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Weekend Happenings

On the psycho-mate front; He woke me up out of a sound sleep and handed me the electric bill with another of his little love notes.  I had to work at Maloney's Uptown on Saturday night/Sunday morning and didn't get home until eleven-thirty in the morning.  The bill was on the refrigerator but I was so exhausted I just went to bed.  Anyway, it was Sunday, there's not much you can do with a utility bill on a Sunday.  
I was up later that night and ate and went back to bed.  Monday, he wakes me out of a dead sleep at nine in the morning, hands me the bill with his half of the money and a nasty note telling me I have to pay it by noon since I ignored it, where to pay it and have the receipt for him on the refrigerator door.  Umm…bite me.  I was sitting on my bed fuming and thinking of all the ways I could/should respond.  I heard him leave a bit later, I got up, got dressed and went to brunch.  I went to the little store in our neighborhood that takes bills and paid it. 
Oops, I lost the receipt. 

Saturday night was fairly busy at the Westside, a drag performer from Philadelphia, Brittany Lynn, …well…performed and brought a few extra customers.  I forgot how pretentious Philly queens are but they bought the high-end alcohol and that brought up the register sales, if not my tip jar.  Maloney's was fairly busy, I mostly worked for the fun of it and I had said fun. 

My psycho-mate just came home and screamed at me that he wants the receipt NOW!  He wants proof that I paid the bill.  I told him that when the lights stay on, that's his proof and I went to my room and shut the door. 

In-between all of this drama between psycho-mate and I, I went to Brittany's Café and ate.  I can tell that I am off kilter because a couple was at the table I almost always sit at and I was extremely annoyed.  I sat there and told myself that it didn't matter but I was so preoccupied with the situation, I couldn't enjoy my meal.  I quickly consumed my egg salad sandwich and off I went down to the Art of Flowers to chat with everyone there.  Chuck came through and brought my spirits up a bit by showing me photos of his mother in a beauty contest back in the sixties.  It was fabulous!  I checked my emails and copied a few things on a disc and off I went back home.  I got to my computer and went to retrieve the information off the disc and, of course, it wouldn't work.  The computer kept telling me the disc needed to be formatted (according to my desktop or that it was damaged, according to Lappy) and if I format it, all the information will be lost.  Story of my life.  Now I have to go back and do it all again, with a new disc. 

I fell asleep for a bit and then my mobile woke me up with a bit of beeping, it was a text from Meredith.  She suddenly had off from the Rainforest Café and wanted to go to the movies.  Of course, with Meredith, there's never a straight line to anything.  First, we had to go to her home so she could get changed.  That is, after the fashion show. She is going to a wedding and bought yet another dress, this time it's black with tiered frills, quite cute!  She threw on a T-shirt and jeans and off we went, that is, after sitting with her mum for a ciggy (them, not me, I don't smoke).  Finally, we were off, to the mall, not the theatre.  You see, she needed new shoes to go with the new dress so, when you have a BFF (best fag friend) you use them to your advantage!  We went EVERYWHERE you would find shoes and never left three square acres!  Gods, I love malls and squares and centers!  We finally found several pairs of shoes she liked and off we went, finally, to the movie theatre.  We decided on The Incredible Hulk, with her buying the tickets again and I would purchase foodstuffs.  Well, I ran to mark my territory and when I got back, I realized I left all of my money in my shorts at home!  Luckily, she had a bit more cash on her and we didn't go hungry.  The movie was very action packed but there's a bit at the very end that sets up a sequel, a sequel with another movie that's out in theatres right now!  So, I'll have to go see that movie as well!  I don't want to give it away.  There were a few nice touches in Hulk, like having the character Bruce Banner watching "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" on the telly (Bill Bixby, who passed away, was the original Bruce) and Lou Ferrigno playing a security guard in the school (he was the original Hulk).

After the movie, I went home and sat up all night watching a Harry Potter marathon.  I borrowed the entire collection from Meredith.  All the DVD extras as well.  I am Pottered out! 

Today, I work!  Woohoo!  Hopefully it will be a nice and busy afternoon, it's rather beautiful out so, that's a good sign.  Time to get my ass in gear and take my usual walk.

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