10 October 2012

Of Old Movies And Old Boyfriends (Originally Published 20 Jan 2009)

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It’s been another day and another night with nothing to do and nothing to do it with.  
I have been watching the Star Wars trilogies with the commentaries on, learning the back stories on the designs, the sets, the script, the actors and whatnot.  It actually explains a few things, especially where episodes I, II and III are concerned, which can get a bit dense with the politics.  I am a huge fan of the first movie, Star Wars IV: A New Hope.  It isconfusing that the first movie that came out in nineteen seventy-seven is actually movie number six in the series.  
I’ll never forget sitting in the drive-in (yes, it was THAT long ago) and seeing the movie for the first time.  It blew my mind!  To people now-a-days, big spectacular action-oriented movies with amazing special effects are commonplace, it’s actually become blasé.  But back then, there was nothing like it.  NOTHING!  Sitting there and watching the Fox logo, which played the entire trumpeting fanfare, which I had never heard the whole thing before, and then the first title: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… then black, then BAM, the Star Wars logo and the amazing music and then the scroll that sets the scene.  The star field moves and you’re over a planet and the first ship enters the frame, then the star destroyer, which just keeps going and going.  It was a total mind-blowing experience!  You were totally transported in that instant! There was nothing like it up to that moment.  If you ask anyone of a certain age what their favourite movie is, they will say, “Star Wars”. Hands down. 
.. ..
The Empire Strikes Back is the most character driven movie, it’s deeper and widely considered the best of the series but the first, to me, is the best.  The Ewoks, you can have ‘em.  I found them too cutesy to be believable.  I also think the pod racer sequence in “Phantom Menace” is unwatchable (as is Jar-Jar).  I love DVDs for the skip chapterfeature, which I use regularly during that movie.  Right now I am watching Episode III, where Anakin becomes Darth Vader (which means vacuous or vain, believe it or not).  In the outtakes, George Lucas took out scenes of Padme and other senators forming the seeds of the rebellion that takes place in episodes IV, V and VI.  It’s something I think should have been included.  But, then again, I’m a bartender in New Jersey and he’s a multimillionaire moviemaker in California. What do I know?
.. ..
This just in: ..Douglas.. text messaged me that my ex, Joe, was at his house today and they chatted.  WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?  First he shows up at the Westside and now at my best friend’s home.  Bloody hell!  
This is not good for my psyche.  I am now freaking the fuck out and my mind is calculating all the possible permutations at light speed.  This sucks.  
I’m going to bed.

And even with two Percocets, I couldn’t sleep.  It’s now seven in the morning and I have already taken out the trash and did a few things around the penthouse and I’m about to make my way to Brittany’s.

I am one of those people who’s emotions run not only very deep but also very close to the surface.  It doesn’t help in my daily life.  It actually makes my life a small bit of hell now and again (evidenced by the implosions of my friendships with mi nino separado, Delio, and she-who-shall-not-be-named).
Douglas has given me some advice, telling me not to let my ex’s reemergence to disrupt the peace I have found but unfortunately, that peace was shattered the moment I read the note.
.. ..I’ll bitch and moan some more later today.  Time to go. 

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