09 October 2012

Can't Cut A Break (Originally Published 27 Feb 2008)

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I went to the gym twice yesterday.  As I have written ad infinitum in the Café, the gym has become my haven, my new obsession.  Not that I want to become one of those hulking steroid monsters you see in the WWE or in bodybuilding contests, I don't have the dedication (or madness) within me that produces that physique.  I do like that I have become a better built me, that I finally have the body I wanted to have when I was a kid (although it's still a work in progress).
Now, it seems, there's a problem with my gym membership, just when I have found the dedication to physical exercise that suits me.  The second time I went, yesterday, the desk clerk told me that I haven't renewed my membership since two thousand and six.  That's two years ago, people!  Now, I told her that I have been paying the forty dollars plus taxes (I love that they now tax our memberships.  We are trying to maintain our physical health and we get penalized for it!) each month since I signed up but, evidently, I am beginning to understand, you are supposed to pay a full membership fee each year and then the forty plus each month.  Okay, fine, that's not a problem IF I KNEW THIS THE WHOLE TIME!  It's a bit of a problem when I have no money at the moment to be paying up a membership fee for the past two years.  In addition, I have at least been paying the forty plus dollars each month but do you think I kept the receipts?  OF COURSE NOT!  So, now I am going to have to go in there today and use every ounce of my persuasive powers to either convince them that I have been paying my monthly membership fees and hopefully allow me to continue using their facilities, or to figure out a payment schedule that I can afford and…continue to use their facilities. 
Just when things were getting better… 

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