09 October 2012

Some Recent Events (Originally Published 17 Jun 2008)

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I watched, recently, the events unfold in California concerning the decision of their Supreme Court and gay marriage.  I confess that, as I stood behind the bar watching the television when they announced that the state must recognize the legal right of same-sex couples as "married", I cried.  Tears fell, proudly, profusely.  My heart swelled with happiness.  I know that it's going to be up for a referendum by the voters of that fair state in the upcoming election but I have a sneaking suspicion that the people of California will show us the way. 
And to those that fear my people killing the institution of marriage, think about this; Massachusetts hasn't fallen into the Atlantic since they ratified same-sex marriages, the antichrist isn't riding with the four horsemen because of it and my breeder brothers are still getting married. 
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Love does that to people.  All people.

I was a staunch Hillary Clinton fan.  I truly believe that she has far more experience and connections than Senator Obama does and would have been a better candidate.  That being said, I recently saw Barak Obama on ABC News and he stated that, although he's not behind "marriage" for same-sex couples (he prefers civil unions) he is not bothered, and I quote, "at all" by the California court's decision.  He stated that firmly and with conviction.  I got the feeling that to him, even though it's an issue with many in this country, it's not the crisis it's made out to be. And I agree. 

He has my vote.    

My father is doing well.  I was a bit late for his combination Father's Day/Birthday celebration but in my defense; the fact that I made a function that was scheduled on a Sunday, when I work until gods-know-when from Saturday night, I think I did good! 
My stepmother was a bit cold to me but it's something I have gotten used to.  It was great to see my brat sister. 

I have picked up two shifts at work, meaning, I WORK TODAY 4PM-10PM.  HAPPY HOUR 4PM-7PM.  Drop by. 

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