05 June 2007

Survey Says:

1. Were you smiling when you woke up this morning? No. Come over tonight and give me a reason to smile tomorrow morning!
2. When is the last time you met someone new? I work in the service industry, I meet new people as a job requirement.
3. What is irritating you now? This bloody survey, I had to make up a few questions.
4. When did you last eat pizza? Two weeks ago.
5. Do you drink beer? Only if there's nothing harder.
6. Do you have any famous friends? I have been on several television shows and in many magazines and newspapers. so, yes, I know me!
7. Are you any good at poker? Poke her, I don't even know her?!
8. What do you want more than anything? Make up with Delio.
9. Are you tired? Of these surveys, yes!
10. Last spoken words you heard? "Oh, Hon!", said my flatmate, Jerry Dutton.
11. Have you ever kissed anyone named Billy? Yes.
12. Besides your bed, what is your favorite thing in your room?The harness hanging over the bed.
13. Pepsi or Coke? I gave up soda years ago.
14. Have you ever thrown up in public? Yes.
15. Do you have any dietary restrictions? I am currently on a high protein diet due to my workout obsession.
16. Do you enjoy piercings and tattoos? Former, yes, latter, no.
17. Taco Bell or McDonald's? Mickey D's.
18. Are you restless? And bored.
19. Is your computer desktop or a laptop? Desktop.
20. Star Wars or Star Trek? Both.
21. How many myspace views do you have? Haven't a clue. Don't care.
22. Want to be a princess? I am already a Queen Mother Bitch.
23. Do you believe dreams come true? If you sacrifice a lamb.
24. Last song you heard? "I Will Survive" the new version by Shirley Bassey, it's FIERCE!
25. Do you like Batman? Never met him.
26. Who is in the room with you? Not a soul.
27. What are you wearing on your feet? Nothing at the moment.
28. What is/are your favorite pair of shoes? Anything black and patent leather.
29. Who was the last person you told you loved them? Rita!
30. What was the last thing you ate? Noodles.
31. What were you doing before this? Cleaning, everything. I don't know what got into me.
32. What is the closest item near you that is blue? My balls.
33. In your opinion what is the weirdest thing listed on goofysicons.com? I've never been there.
34. What instant messaging service do you use? AIM.
35. What is your favorite website? MySpace.
36. Whose house were you at last night? Unfortunately, my own.
37. What do you wear more, jeans or sweatpants? Jeans.
38. What is the last movie you watched? "The Queen".
39. What do you currently hear right now? The Atlantic Ocean.
40. When did you last buy a new pair of pants? My personal shopper buys my clothing.
41. When did you last take a shower? Today is Tuesday so, that would be Saturday when I showered last. I'm a boy, we do these things.
42. Where's your favorite place to be? Wrapped in the arms of the man I love.
43. Have you ever heard of the band Our Lady Peace? Yes.
44. Where is your mom? Work.
45. Where do you sleep? In my bed.
46. Where do you shop the most? Studio Six.
47. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing? It's a bodybuilding T-shirt and I have no idea where I got it from.
48. Coach Purse or NFL game tickets? Coach purse.
49. Where was your default pic taken? On the world famous Atlantic City boardwalk at Garden Pier.
50. Why did you pick your background? I am a goth!
51. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed? Because he grabbed me by the shirt across the bar and planted one on me. And no, I don't know his name.
52. Are you happy with where you are? No.
53. Do you still play with toys? Considering my bosses own the largest porn producing business on the east coast, that would be a YES!
54. Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you? No.
55. Do you go to the beach to tan? Hardly! If you have a tan, you work in the fields. Mortimer don't work in no field!
56. Do you travel in the country or overseas? So far, just around the good ol' U.S.of A. But, I hope to go to London, England before I die!
57. Do you believe love at first sight exists? Yes, it happened to me. That's why he's not allowed in my club, every time I see him, my heart skips a beat.
58. Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries? Mile markers to your death!
59. Do you believe that you can change the one you love? Nope.
60. Would you ever consider getting engaged or married?Been there, done that. Don't forget, engaged has the word "gag" in the middle!