09 October 2012

The Curse (Originally Published 16 Oct 2008)

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Friday was slow.  Well, that's not exactly true.  I had been fairly steady and the day flew by quickly.  Lady Labelle came in and brought everything for her big birthday show later that evening.  Once Gidget relieved me, the place began to get busy.  Real busy.  Evidently Labelle put the word out for her birthday and the masses heeded the call.
It was rather impressive, actually, and I was rather beside myself.  She had several guest stars (and is still a bit miffed at me for not doing her show) and the boyfriend of one of the performers stood next to me and began chatting me up.  Well, he's really hot so I found myself standing there flirting shamelessly.  I think I even blushed a few times.  Well, before I knew it, the show was ov
er and I hadn't seen one performance.  Hot boy went back to his boyfriend and I stood there, feeling randy and without an outlet. 
I decided it was time for me to go home and off I went, down to the jitney stop and then to my crypt. 


Saturday came and I got to work.  I wore my black pinstriped military shirt and my red plaid bondage pants.  I was feeling the need to dress up.  I was getting tired of jeans and T-shirts.  I looked forward to a good night, since Friday was so busy but, alas, fortune found reason not to favour me and I was painfully slow.  I have made more money on day shift.  I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and decided that I would go to Déjà vu to better my spirits…with spirits.
Chris, my former boss from the Studio and my friend, was guest bartending and we talked about the rumours of Studio reopening.  Still nothing definite but it looks promising.  I decided to have fun and did, not getting home until very late.  I passed right out when I got home but woke up mysteriously and could not get back to sleep.  I spent the day text messaging a group of friends about this and that when later, my mobile rang and I saw it was Jose.  I knew immediately that he wanted me to work for him.  Of course!  Only because I hadn't slept, now I'll have to work.  I rang him back and told him I'd work, I needed the money since Saturday night was such a bust.  Being tired was not an option.  I was able to take a small nap before I had to get ready and once I did, I went in early and got a bit of food, I was starving.  Sunday is our Latin night and we have an open bar, which brings out a decent crowd. 

I am sure that you have probably guessed that the Mortimer Curse went into effect and it was a horribly slow Sunday night. 

So, not only was I dead tired, I went into work for essentially nothing.  As soon as Gidget allowed me to close, I did and went right home. 

Monday came and I was up early.  I met up with Miss Patti at Brittany's and we had brunch.  We then visited with Becky and caught up with her.  I walked Miss Patti to the jitney stop, kissed her good-bye and I went back home to get some much-needed rest. 

Tuesday was a different story.

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