09 October 2012

Holiday! (Originally Published 28 May 2008)

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I'm up.  I survived the weekend (although it was rather easy, unfortunately).  The gods were kind and held the rains off until today. It's rather damp, dark and dreary outside my windows, just the way I like it!  I watched the local news yesterday and the interviews with the boardwalk merchants and shoobies and everyone was happy and excited that summer is coming and the holiday was so nice, weather wise, and that the gas crunch seems to have helped our little island of love, which is a bit of a surprise.   It looks like people are staying far more local, coming to the shore points instead of taking longer trips, as a way of saving gas/money.
All this is fine and dandy for the city and it's businesses. 

If only they could have found the Westside, I'd be far happier. 

I am mentally suppressing the profits I made on last year's Memorial Day holiday since I made a fraction of it this year.  I actually gave my barbackmore last year than what I made this year.  Oh well, as so many of the comments in the Café say, "Change is good!"

Well, "change" can bite me.  It can bite me twice.   

The Village Voice columnist, Michael Musto, came to our little club on both Friday and Saturday, which is ironic.  When we had the unofficial Madonna concert afterparty at the Studio Six last year and we were five deep at the bar, with our clientele consisting of ninety-nine percent gay men, Mr. Musto wrote an article which said that there were no bars for gay people to go to in Atlantic City.  I laughed all the way to the bank since every other homosexual in the tri-state area knew where the Studio Six was.  And now, when things have tragically changed, Mr. Musto finds the Westside Lounge, a bar where longtime Atlantic City residents still have a problem finding!  Oh, the irony. 

Yes, "change", you may now lick me where I pee!

I worked Saturday night and by three in the morning, we were dead.  We shut at four and I found myself waiting for a taxi with a carnival of freaks to go to Maloney's Uptown.  We waited forever, and my mood went straight in the toilet.  I got to Maloney's and said "hullo" to everyone I knew and bought a drink.  I stood there, the black cloud over my head getting darker and darker, I simply decided to chuck the cocktail and I left. 

I got up on Sunday and was ravenous.  I threw on some clothes and wandered over to the A&B Market and got a roast turkey and provolone sub with the works and ate my face off!  I was sitting on my bed, watching telly and trying to go back to sleep when I realized I wasn't sleepy.  I was actually rather alert so I put my clothes back on, hopped on a Jitney and went uptown, getting caught in the usual traffic on Pacific Avenue near Caesars.  I jumped off and wandered up through The Walk, bobbing and weaving through the throngs of people shopping at the outlets.  I finally got to the Sheraton and looked to my left and was shocked!  Shocked!  The traffic coming into the city off of the Atlantic City Expressway was at a standstill!  Hardly any cars were leaving, just a handful but the incoming side was a huge parking lot.  I shook my head in disbelief and climbed over the embankment, made my way through the parking garage under the Atlantic City Convention Center, hooked a left, passed the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, hung a right across the gravel parking lot and boomshanker, I was sitting in the Westside Lounge having a Corona (with lime and salt) with Ed!  I realized I was bored so I figured I'd hang at the club and get drunk, hey it was the holiday. 

I was the only one there. 

I had a ball, though.  Ed and I ordered some food, Larry, the owner came in and we gossiped about this and that.  Ed kept my cervasas coming and I was a happy camper.  BeforeI knew it, it was ten o'clock and Ed was so kind to give me a ride home, I was not looking forward to staggering to the jitney stop.  Once back in the penthouse, I went to bed and passed out, waking up on Monday feeling rested. 

Monday was uneventful for me, I watched a Law & Order marathon and then the news.  The Memorial Day ceremonies and parades were nice. 

Today will find me wandering through the city and my usual brunch at Brittany's Café with a stop at the Art of Flowers to post this entry.  I am filling in at the club from four to ten, thank the gods.  Stop by for a cocktail or two.

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