09 October 2012

Some Things (Originally Published 7 Jun 2008)

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I have been watching "The 100 Greatest Discoveries", a five DVD set put out by The Discovery Channel (natch!).  It's quite interesting.  Each DVD has two categories such as Astronomy and Chemistry or Evolution and Earth Sciences.  It's hosted by Bill Nye, famous for that Saturday morning kids show, "Bill Nye the Science Guy", which I used to watch back in the day (I actually sing the title whenever I say it, the show's theme music included the title).  Although the expanding universe and the big bang theory were considered a "greatest discovery", I still believe the jury is out on those particular ideas.  But I have written about that before.
The top ten (in case you're interested):
10. Newton's Laws of Motion
  9. Microorganisms
  8. Penicillin
  7. Germ Theory
  6. Heredity
  5. The Earth Revolves Around the Sun
  4. Periodic Table of Elements (I used to have a T-shirt with this on it as a child)
  3. E=MC2
  2. General Relativity
  1. Natural Selection/Evolution
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It's a fantastic day out there beyond my windows.  Supposedly the mainland is going through a heatwave, hitting the nineties (on the Fahrenheit scale) but it's wonderful here on my isle of love.  I am going to finish watching and then get my ass out there to gawk at the shoobies.  The beaches are PACKED!

Things at work have been steady but not gangbusters.  I really need to find another job to supplement my income.  I may get an extra shift (one that was previously taken away) but I am not holding my breath.  It didn't help that this past Thursday our Karaoke was canceled and I lost that extra income. 
I hate being poor!
On the Studio Six front, there have been persistent rumours that the club may reopen.  From what I gather, Tom Sherwood, Sr. has given back the club to John Shultz and he may reopen it.  There's talk he wants the manager of Babes Gentleman's Club to run it although I heard he has said that he won't hire any of the former staff, should that come to pass.  Oh well, I have said it before and I shall repeat it again, "When it happens, I'll believe it."

My father is doing well.  The last time I sat with him we chatted and he told me that since the swelling went down, he could feel the empty space where the bones were removed.  That must be an odd sensation.  He's now walking down to the corner of the street and is joking that if a gust of wind hits him, he'll flop around like a noodle.  The medications are still driving him mad, the Percocet makes him itch.  I'm going to stop by once I get outdoors. 

Miss Patti and I and a group of others are going to stay at the new Water Club tower at the Borgata next week.  She was given a free night due to a lottery done among the employees.  It's a new ultralux non-casino hotel with nine pools and all-suite rooms.  This should be fun! My swim trunks are already packed!

Time to get slathered up with my sunblock three thousand and take a walk! 

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