29 March 2006

Twisted! (R)

Some of you know my penchant for the perverse. Well, I found something quite macabre! A site known as MyDeathSpace.com lists all the people on MySpace known to have died, listing the reason for death and the manner in which it happened. It's not for the squeamish or faint of heart but, if you have a fondness for dark humour, as I do, you'll get a few minutes of morbid curiosity satisfied!

And hell, I wouldn't mind seeing...oh, nevermind!

28 March 2006

More Exclusive Cafe Items!

I have taken a Photo Essay of Monday night and the back of the house in Club Tru/Studio Six just to let you know a little more about what it takes to run a successful nightclub. There are also some exclusive pictures of the new "Cherry Bar" opening up this weekend. Check them out!

27 March 2006

New Merchandise!

Read all about The Good. The Bad. The Key Hook. at our exclusive location. Mortimer's Cafe on AOL. Upscale. Hip. Ultra exclusive. Stop by today.

That is, if you can get in!

23 March 2006

See You Soon.

I just got back from the gym with Dorian. It was a great, if a bit abbreviated. Having to rely on bus schedules makes for odd timing. We did a few different exercises and I want to begin a leg regimen. Little Jose wants to work out with me on the 'morrow. That should be interesting, since he's been going to MY gym without me. Little putz! You know I'll get him. I am a bit sore but, I feel fantastic and look damn good to, if I do say so myself.

I have to work tonight, it's going to be rather slow, Thursdays usually are. I have to brainstorm with our promotions manager and think up some ideas for during the week. It's a bitch, not every club can have every night, people like a change of pace but, we need to do something to attract more business than we're getting at the moment. Even with the off season, it's not up to par.

Time to get ready. Probably won't be adding an entry for a while.

22 March 2006

Random Tangents

My Asian persuasion landlord and his wife are in my big bathroom doing whatever the hell they are doing in there. I think it's best, sometimes, to just let them be. I realize he wants to save money by doing some of these repair jobs himself but, our toilet (in the smaller bathroom) still leaks from last year when he took it upon himself to replace the wax ring. We don't have the heart to tell the little pest. I fear that the ceiling will come tumbling down when Mommie Dearest is in there showering for work. That will be a scene!

I am off today. As I said in the other Cafe, waiting around for my paycheck, next week, is getting tiring! I really need to find out where that 401K money is. Everything that I had just caught up on; bills, rent, paying back everyone whilst the Studio was under renovations, is beginning to mount up again! I didn't realize the change from cash-on-hand to bi-weekly salary would affect me so harshly. I am enjoying the position but, this is getting tedious. Maybe I can work an advance on my paycheck.

Nothing to report about Miss Patti, yet. I rang her up but, she didn't answer. Probably at the Drs.

I just received a phone call, it seems the Jehovah's Witnesses are now using the phone instead of knocking door-to-door. I guess since I live in a penthouse, they can't really get to me, personally. I didn't answer the phone. When I lived with Miss Patti in Somers Point, we would torture them. When they knocked, she would answer the door and begin talking to them, then I would holler from the kitchen, "honey, the magic circle is ready, I need you to spread the pig's blood on the candles right now!". They would run away from the building! Reindeer games! Gotta love 'em!

I have nothing to do today. I have slept forever so, I am way over that. I guess it's time to get more stuff done around the penthouse.

21 March 2006

Home Drama! Again!

Now that we have these wonderful carpets, we are going to get a new ceiling in our bigger bathroom. This is going to be fun. I have to inform Mommie Dearest to get all his little sea dioramas out of there before nine in the morning tomorrow. He can't ever do anything tastefully. It's an all or nothing proposition with him. He has seashells EVERYWHERE and little water features (read: fountain) by the window and even little Little Mermaid statues among the flora and sea fauna. Not to mention the sea rocks and flotsam and jetsam that he finds on the beach. It's nuts. And the fish. Miss Patti asked me if I ever counted all the magnetic fish and fish statues and fish sculptures in there. I think she's mad for even entertaining that idea. As if I really want to spend the better part of my day counting hundreds of fish in my bathroom. Yes. I said "hundreds". So, he'll have so much fun dismantling all of that mess. I am just going to get the three things I have in there out of there and calling it a day. And then spend the rest of my day listening to them hammering and sawing and spackling and replastering. It's a fun, fun, fun day here in the penthouse!

I wrote about My First Full Week at our other location. It's exclusive and only those on the guest list can read all about it! Yes, Mom, this means you!

16 March 2006

Spring Cleaning, Tides Of Change

I finally made it to the gym the last two nights. It had been ten days since I worked out. With the promotion and the new carpeting in my flat, it's been too hectic to get my butt to the house of pain, also known as Island Gym. Now, I have the motivation and I am back with a vengeance! Dorian and I did our usual upper body workout and this afternoon, we are concentrating on legs. I won't be able to walk tomorrow. I want to get at least four days in, I have to play catch-up. I already feel great, again, and I am so damn happy that I am back to working out. Miss Patti came to pick us up and she took off her jacket to weigh herself and I couldn't believe how small she's getting! It's really noticeable!

Work is going fine. I had to go to the office yesterday to pick up my paycheck and get all the codes and keys and whatnot that come with the new position. I had inherited the previous Asst.'s key cards and they didn't seem to get me in some areas that I needed to get to so I got that taken care of. I also saw my GM's and my office and desk. Now I have to get a plant and some pictures to put on it. Make myself feel at home. As if the club hasn't been my home for the past (far too long to mention here) years. I have to open the club tonight. I haven't a clue what happens on Thursdays. When it was my day off, I stayed home and played couch potato. Now, everything has changed and I will be living at the club.

On the home front, I got all the electronic areas up and running. It was a bitch and a half. I had left a few elements attached to the walls to ease in setting back up the various pieces of equipment but, the carpeters, in their infinite wisdom, took everything apart and I have spent the last three days trying to figure out how to get everything working again. Which explains why I haven't been adding anything to my journals or been on MySpace for a while. I went through my room with detached indifference and threw out EVERYTHING! I gave a huge bag of costumes to one of the performers at the club (with another bag ready to go), I gave two bags of clothing to Little Jose. I got rid of jewelry, wigs, all the accessories that I use to keep around when I was doing the shows. I have given that part of my life up and it's time to shed all those things. I have kept a few basics but, the extras, the stuff I rarely used, is all gone. I even shaved my head, again. Shorter than ever before. Almost bald.

I have no idea who I am anymore!

10 March 2006

My Fella!

I just got off my mobile with my new fella.

Ooo...I really like him. I really hate that I am here and he's in Manhattan and I really can't take the time off, now, to go up and really get to know him, ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo. This bites. Oh well, I guess he and I will just have to have a long distance relationship for a bit.

This really bites! Why does this have to happen NOW! Good grief!

Bodyworlds (R)

I just got back from the The Franklin Institute and the Bodyworlds exhibit.
It was really bizarre! I really didn't want to go. Not that I am squeamish...well...I am but, it's just not my cup of tea. I saw the special on our local affiliate and that was enough for me. Miss Patti was really itching to go so, I knew that if I didn't and the show left town, she'd hate me forEVER so, I bucked up and went.
It's still not my cup of tea. Or anything else. Very strange and odd. Most of the donated bodies were men so, yes, there were a lot of penis' and testicles dangling everywhere. Most of the subjects smoked so, now I have a good idea what my lungs look like from working in the club for so long. I am glad New Jersey is going smoke free on 15 April. Even the athletes, like the gymnast, had really polluted lungs. Very strange. It was interesting to see the muscles in action, like in the aformentioned gymnast and the sprinter and basketball player and the archer. The last was a woman, very well built but, her brain was on top of her skull and it looked like a hair bun. Odd choice.
They showed breast cancers, liver damage, heart attacks, blocked arteries, brain tumors, pretty much all the human ailments. The worst was the room full of babies and fetuses. That was the most disturbing. Some of them were deformed from birth defects. Very disturbing. They even had a pregnant woman with her child still in the womb. Looking at it with a scientist's eyes, I can see the value of such an exhibit but, as a lay person, it really freaked me out. The most interesting to me was the fact that the human buttocks are just chock full of veins. Very densely packed. Strange.
We were going to enjoy a bit of Philadelphia but, I had to get back for work and she was in need of rest. I can't wait to get to work and have a drink. I need to do a very stiff shot after seeing all that.


There's some big giant news happening in my world. I can't discuss it right now in a public forum but here are the details. Go to the private Cafe for all the latest dish.

08 March 2006

About Last Night (R)

We did our T&T Tuesday at Los Amigos and Miss Patti decided to go with. We forgot to print out the email coupon but, they know me and I still got the discount, as well as free dessert! Woohoo! My meal needs no description, except what you can see above. It was literally heaven on a plate. They just made the sauce that is on the right and they didn't know how hot it was to warn me. When my face turned bright red, even more so than my hair, they knew to warn the rest of the patrons! I love spicy food but, I didn't know it was going to be that nuclear! Chunkie and I got smashed on the margaritas and we had a great time.
Today, Miss Patti and I are going to Philadelphia to finally see the
BODYWORLDS exhibit at the Franklin Institute. We have been planning this for a while. The weather is just amazing and I can't wait to go to the city of brotherly love. Unfortunately, I fell asleep in my contacts and my eyes are killing me right now. I am doing my home remedy, tea bags, which usually clears up the problem so I can actually focus on things.
Then it's work tonight! Fifty cent drinks from 10-2! You can't beat that with a stick!

04 March 2006


Above: Chris (our GM) and Mortimer

The Studio Six is open tonight, newly renovated for all you hot cats and cool chicks and I am serving my world famous chocolate martinis! Come on out to the club, early, because these delicious and potent cocktails go quickly! It's alcohol, chocolate and alcohol! What more could you ask for!

I was going to go out last evening but, I decided that I needed to rest since last weekend, we didn't shut until well after two in the afternoon. But what a weekend! I have an inkling that tonight will be just as busy and I can't wait.

03 March 2006


I have been remiss in putting a real entry in this Cafe. It's just that I have had such exclusive merchandise, full of juicy tidbits, I couldn't really put them out there for just anyone to have.

The Studio Six reopening was too fantastic for words. I am so happy to finally be home. I just love working there and this past Saturday was so spectacular! Everyone seems to love the new renovations and we had a great time. Now, I am finally back to making a decent living. Since things didn't work out getting the other job like I had hoped (and needed), to be back on Saturdays has really helped me financially and I am finally getting back on my feet. I can now afford the jitney again (yes, it got that bad) and don't have to walk to work like I did for the last few months! Friday's pre-opening and Sunday were also wonderful.

Miss Patti and I have plans to go to see the Bodyworlds thing up at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It's something I am not really itching to see, it's weird to see inside real people's bodies. We shall see.

Other than that, this past Wednesday was busy and we didn't close until after six in the morning. That's always good!

Time to take my constitutional and then get ready for my trip.

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01 March 2006

New Merchandise Keeps Coming In

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