12 April 2006

Hipocracy! Again!

Over at AOL News, there is an article entitled "Indonesians Throw Stones at Playboy Offices". Here we go again. Because it offends Muslims, Playboy must shut down! Now, there are millions and millions of people in this little world of ours but, because a MAGAZINE offends a group of those people on religious grounds, we must shut it down and never look upon it again!

Idiocy! These same people kill over cartoons, chop hands off for minor offenses, stone their own family members (usually women, how manly!) over "shaming" them and declare holy wars over deposing a dictator. It boggles my mind that these things occur within the grounds of religion. Not that the Christians are any more sane, you have read my problems about them in the Cafe as well but, come on, people, get a grip. If you don't like it, if it offends you, don't look!

By the way, sales of Playboy are brisk in Jakarta!

06 April 2006


The trees are bloomin' idiots!

What a wonderful day in this magnificent world of ours. It was just spectacular! The sun, that ball of burning hydrogen is just beaming down on our little earth which is revolving around it due to the force of gravity, or has the religious right debunked that theory as well? I mean, it wasn't until a few years ago that the Church apologized for jailing Galileo for his heretical views that the earth revolves around the sun. I know, I know, why would "God" make the earth, the centre of all creation revolve around a mere star? Heresy, I tell ya! Heresy! Far be it from me to go against the teachings of Mother Church!

Next up: Gravity! It just don't stick!

Anyway, I had a wonderful time walking around town and visiting my friends and...others. I stopped in my office and did some scheduling changes and got some notes to discuss the upcoming meeting I called. We have some issues that need addressing so, I conferred with my GM and set up a mandatory meeting with the club staff. On my way home, I stopped by Evo, my old job and chatted with everyone there. They were so nice to compliment me on my recent promotion. I was very humbled. I hope that I can live up to the praise of my friends that work there. I once again had to wander the streets since the sun was so bright. I know I have a little sunburn on my pasty white vampiric skin! Darn!

Tonight it's Thursday and that means back to work. I am going to eat a little grub, digest and then go to the gym before I have to go to work.

Oh Happy Day!

I am doing a Snoopy dance right now! My 401K check came. This account was opened in 1987 and I had totally forgotten about it. It's been a long time waiting for this cash! Woohoo!

What to buy!

I Created The Universe!

It really boggles my mind. Honestly. With all the overwhelming evidence, there are people in this country, intelligent, reasoning people who still believe that some force created the entire universe and the earth on which we live. It's amazing that the numbers bear out that quite a lot of Americans believe in this hocus pocus. It's sad, really, that we continually attempt to force our SCIENCE teachers in schools to teach this magical process. I keep waiting for the "ta-da" girl to be standing next to God, waving her arms over His latest magical feat! Boom! Light! Drumroll...Eden! Twirl that baton...Flood! It makes no sense. Logic flies out the window. I keep hearing that it's "faith". You must have faith, Mortimer. Believe in God! He wants you to love him. He loves you!

Pardon me but, this "God" created the universe. Does "He" really need all that worship from one little human that "He" can wipe from all memory and history with nary a thought? Think about it, just one little thought and "He" created everything we know and see. I couldn't even measure how little I matter to a being that powerful.

No wonder "He" never answers my prayers. Do you listen to the ants under your feet. Think about it, "He" may have created us in his image but, we can't even comprehend the mental powers "He" commands. "His" very thoughts are action. Unless you're Uri Gellar, you have no concept of having your thoughts control the very fabric of the universe, a universe that you created with a mere thought, one day out of the blue. Hmm...I'm bored, I think I'll create a universe and a bunch of little worshipers on a world to kill each other in my name and praise me because I have such low self-esteem issues I need constant reassuring like a small baby!

By the way, it took "Him" one day to make the universe but, five more to make the little ol' earth. That's a bit odd, doncha think?

It's hocus pocus! Abracadabra! Boom shanker!


An Actual Entry And An Apology

I just got back from the gym and boy do I feel great. I kept the weight levels up but, there were a few things that I needed to pull back on, I just couldn't do it. Dorian and Miss Patti were with. I must say, Dorian is looking great, I am a little jealous. It's the same problem I had with Little Jose, they are shorter than me. I have noticed that shorter guys develop quicker. I am stronger than Dorian but, he just looks so much better! Ugh! Oh well. That's why I am in the gym. Not for others, for myself. I am looking way better than I have a year ago.

I have gotten a little feedback about not posting in this forum. You see, I use the other Cafe for venting about personal things. The people who read it are those I trust compleatly. I am very sorry if I have offended people who read this Cafe but, I got burned by some people I work with who used the things I wrote to get me in trouble. I will not have those so-called former friends access to something that can do me harm. I found out that my trust is too compleat with certain parties and I got hurt. Badly. To this day, I am still deeply hurting over what was done to me. Now, only those whom I have had a long relationship with, and those with no ties to anything around me are allowed to read the flagship Cafe. I will take great pains to write in here more regularly, about the club and my life. I have been remiss and I do apologize for that. I hope everyone understands.

Tomorrow, I have a few things to do, laundry, office, work. I can't believe that I went from working three days to doing forty plus hours. This is nuts. It's much more than a full time job but, I love it. The owner pulled me aside and complimented me. He said the staff was thrilled that I was promoted and he thought it was a good choice as well. That made me feel great.

I think I'll put on a movie and do some laundry. I am on an endorphin rush and I know I'll never get to sleep for hours!

05 April 2006

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