09 October 2012

Catch-Up (Originally Published 11 Sep 2008)

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Miss Patti: She and I have been back to our little "afternoon delight" schedule of lunch and shopping before she goes to work.  We try to get together at least twice a week now and I so enjoy our time together.  It's odd, I always think of what Joey G. said about us.  He marvels that we still have anything to talk about after knowing each other for so many centuries! 

Yesterday, we both got stuck in the thunderboomers that roared through our area.  To say I was soaked would be an understatement.  There was more rain in that little thunderstorm than hurricane Hannah when she marched up the coast earlier this week!  My street was completely flooded!  The water was up to my mid-shin!

Work: Labor Day came and went without much fanfare.  Things are still pretty much the same there, I work Wednesday through Saturday.  Come see me!  Have a cock…tail!  I am working at Déjà vu this Saturday night/Sunday morning.  With Tara.  Gods, save me from what may happen! 

Love Life: My mojo is waning with the summer weather.  It was a good runwhile it lasted!

Home: The psychomate is still…well…psycho.  No new psychotic episodes to report, thank the gods!  I moved most of the items he threw in my room back out into the living room, behind his Japanese curtain (where they were before) and now my bedroom is livable again.  I cleaned my room a bit and have decided to do a "fall cleaning" of my clothing and a few other sundries, getting rid of those items I never wear or use anymore.  I used to give my old clothes to a former friend of mine but I guess Goodwill will have to do.  He won't be needing them in jail. 

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