28 February 2006

New! Improved! Exclusive!

There's a Quick Update.. over at our original location. Check it out. The gossip is fresh! Get it while it's hot!

24 February 2006

The Plot Thickens

It seems things have gotten out of hand, as is usual with the artistic/creative temperments we all have. The recent brouhaha that is going on over this "Broadway On The Bay" show has gone from stirring the pot to boiling it over. Methinks the powers that be are now wondering if they made the right decisions, and so am I (concerning my recent decisions), quite frankly. I was really taken aback by not being invited to perform in this year's event, after our last triumphant outing at Resorts in "Broadway On The Boardwalk", I thought we'd be a shoo-in. To not only not be asked to perform and then offered to BUY tickets really made my blood boil. Please understand, if I had a million dollars right now, I would give it all to the SJAA. I wish I had the money to donate. I just can't. I have only just begun to dig out of the financial hole that the remodeling of the Studio Six has put me in. It was a deep and dark and I am only just beginning to see some light at the end of all of this. I can barely afford the two bucks for the jitney to get to the Borgata (where the event is being held), let alone to shell out $75 or more for a ticket to this event. And yes, I was really miffed that my talents were not needed. That's my donation; my name and my performance might not make me money but, it brings in a whole lot of money to the causes I find dear to my heart. No one wants to feel powerless, to feel useless, when it comes to something they feel so strongly about. And that's exactly what happened.

Now, I have gotten a copy of the email trails that have been flying back and forth between all the interested parties. As an aside, this is not of my doing (and I am damn jealous that it's not). Chunkie, of all people, really got the ball rolling over all of this, and rightly so. I admit, I am usually the one to fly off the handle and get everyone in an uproar but, except for just a few conversations with a few past Miss'd Americas, I have not said a word to the SJAA or the producers of the event. The President of the SJAA has now invited all of us, every last one, to the event, gratis, and the after event at the nightclub in the Borgata. It's a very nice gesture. And I am tempted to go, now. It's the second time we have been offered tickets, the head of several local business associations has already offered to buy Chunkie and I tickets to make sure we are there. It's just that we are not trying to get free tickets. I would pay if I could. It's just that whenever there is an event where we are not the featured players, we are not only not invited, we are not even given a second thought. To go now will have the appearance that we were just bitching to get in free.

I don't know. I sit back and read the emails and just marvel at how upset everyone is, now. I believe they are getting the idea that their little cash cows, the Miss'd Americas, are here all year, not just in September. And they realize that come September, the bill is going to be due for all the time, effort, money and heart that we pour into our pageant.

And this time, we may just skip out on the check.

23 February 2006

I Won't Be Seeing You In September

There has been some rather disturbing events here in South Jersey, all surrounding the benefits and their recipients. And I, for one, am not having it anymore. I have written many times before about my devotion to raising money to combat HIV/AIDS. This disease has devastated my life. I have cried an ocean over the people I have lost to this horrible illness. My heart will be forever broken because of this disease. Because of that, I have devoted myself to raising money for our local A.I.D.S. charity, the South Jersey AIDS Alliance(SJAA). I have almost put myself into the grave entertaining people in order to raise money for this noble cause, pushing myself, and quite willingly, because so many people are too sick and too weak to help themselves. How dare I say, "I'm too tired to get on stage" or "I just don't feel like it today". There are people who can't take a day off of living and dying with HIV/AIDS, and I'll be damned if I am going to let them down when I still have breath in my body.

But recent events have soured me on all of it. I cannot take this anymore. I have done all I can and I am so tired of feeling like every fucking thing that I have done is considered worthless. That my efforts have less value because of my limited resources or capabilities. That the millions I have helped raise were very welcome but, they can do better without me. I can go on and on about how angry I am over the cancellation of our annual
Miss'd America Pageant this past January, which I still feel was a huge mistake. Compounded by the fact that the organizers of said pageant couldn't behoove themselves to notify the grunts in the trenches that it was being pushed to September until I pushed the issue and finally got an answer from them. This was AFTER we had already bought fabric for gowns and costumes, started rehearsals for our performances, hired dancers, cleared our schedules, etc. Although the official reason was given that they are concentrating on a big event in February (the upcoming Broadway On The Bay) and they wanted to do something big in the former and traditional Miss America pageant month of September. The unofficial and unconfirmed reason (and I suspect the real one) is that the owner of the Miss'd needs time to open the little club he's installing in his new building so he can hold the official after-party and reap some financial benefits for himself.

Then there was the bejeweled slap-in-the-face when I heard that the reason we weren't invited to perform in Broadway On The Bay was because they weren't sure how the "drag" act will go over. Even though we brought the house down when we performed at the last Broadway show. Even though the hosts of the production are doing a comedy drag number THIS YEAR. We were invited to buy one of the $75 or $125 dollar tickets to watch the show from the audience.

How mighty white of them.

That brings up our Red Ribbon Bingo. Does anyone have a clue when, where, or if it's ever going to be done again? I know I haven't a clue. My repeated emails to the SJAA have gone unanswered. How the hell can they just ignore an attempt to raise some serious money for them?

This has all left a very bad taste in my mouth. A considerable feat since I have been known to put some rather nasty things down my throat (yes, I went there). So, Chunkie Marinara and I have an idea. Since Miss America thought Las Vegas was so nice, we think so to. I have already begun to organize a little vacation, and end-of-summer soiree for all the past Miss'd Americas who have done so much for the SJAA and the Miss'd Pageant owners.


That's right. Come September, all of us will be on a jet plane for The Meadows (Las Vegas in English). Every last one. Including some of our biggest supporters (Becky, this means you. Patti, this means you). I have had enough. It's petty. It's juvenile. It's mean-spirited. And it's brilliant.

It's not like they have needed any of us recently, anyway.

22 February 2006

Playing Catch-Up

It's been an interesting weekend.

Friday, I went in to work as a door cashier. Beforehand, I got a nice workout in at Little Jose's gym (he was at Evo) and I decided to wear my old staff shirt. Let's just say that it looked a lot different on me since my days as a barback. Some asked if I had a smaller size on. That was nice. Working the door is boring but, I was glad the schedule was adjusted and I enjoyed working with the bouncers that were there. As a barback, I was able to wander around a lot and as a bartender, where the money compensates, I have to stay in one area but, at least I am kept occupied. On the door, it's a bit of a drag, no one wants to hang out at the front door, that's not what you to into a club for so, I was bored for most of the time. I am like a shark, I like to keep moving or I'll die of boredom. Torwards the end of the shift, I was wondering when I was going to be sent on my way, usually the door whore goes home around an hour or so before closing time. Of course, the Mortimer curse was in full effect and I was there until the bitter end. No matter. The shift pay more than made up for it and I dashed home, quite happy, around eight in the morning.

Saturday came and I was very excited, it was the President's Day holiday weekend, usually our third largest night of the year. I got ready (all in black, as per our GM's commandment but, which I usually wear on weekends anyway) and got there early. Well, early for me. Of course, no one else was there and I was the only bartender for a bit. No matter. We never got busy enough during the evening to warrant my excitement of raking in a bundle on the holiday weekend. We did well just not fabulous. I am now thinking that a whole lot of our regulars are awaiting next weekend, which unlike the holiday, is a MAJOR event in Studio Six history. They have been deprived of their second home for nearly two months so, the reopening should prove to bring out the masses in droves. Like nightclub moths to the eternal Studio flame. Eddie Baez performed, and was fabulous. He's quite popular among the club cognoscenti and I was very impressed that we got such a stellar performer. There was also a singer, who's name escapes me right now and Brittany Lynn, a drag queen from the Philadelphia area, who performed as well. We stayed open until quite late, I believe we closed almost at noon, and I went home and passed out. I did have some of my usual Saturday night friends show up, no one recognized me with the goatee and short hair. Funny.

Sunday came and Little Jose and I got a workout in before work and then Miss Patti drove us to the club, she had made some more passes for the staff to give out during our promotional outings. I had on my suede jacket, white T-shirt, blue plaid cowboy shirt and a cowboy hat. Very "Brokeback", if I do say so myself. Most especially with my goatee and horse...ah...nevermind. We had a good night, early, for the open bar part but, the crowd petered out faster than usual and we just ended up standing around talking. Claudia, one of the performers at the club, and I chatted about the gym and how it's odd that the drag queens are getting all buff and manly and the straight guys are waxing their eyebrows and being all fashion conscious. Go figure. We closed and had a pow-wow about the upcoming opening and show on Friday.

Monday, like God, I rested.

Tuesday came and Miss Patti was itching to get out of her hobbit home so we went out and about. Thrift shopping, attempting to do our Pot-Luck Movie, it didn't work. The highlight was sitting at the diner and watching Patti order all this food and take two infinitesimal bites and declare herself full. I roared! The staff thought there was something wrong with the food. I now have another compleat dinner for tonight. She and I decided to watch a Star Wars I, II, III marathon at my penthouse and then Dorian came over and he and I went to the gym. I did NOT want to go. I was sleepy and cranky but, I did twenty minutes of cardio and it woke my ass up and I worked out like a madman. Claudia came in around 2:30am, and we chatted. Dorian and I finished up our routine and I got home around 3:15am.

I slept all day, it's been overcast and chilly so I just decided to hibernate. I am about to get ready for a quick workout and then get ready for our fifty cent night. Alana and I were supposed to wear something coordinated but, I forget the theme.

See you at the function! It's my last bloody night at Club Tru! Brilliant!


I have put an album of recent pictures over in our other location. Drop on by for these exclusive items, including Miss Patti in hospital, club shots and me.

17 February 2006

This And That And This

I wandered to Art of Flowers, my new favourite job and picked up my pay envelope. Things are looking up on the financial scene, thank the gods. With this, my upcoming checks, working this holiday weekend and the opening of the Studio Six next weekend, I am just giddy with expectancy! What to buy! What bills to pay! What to buy! I canNOT wait!

I forgot to mention, my dearest friend
Rita is coming home in April. I miss her so much and I am just champing at the bit to see her boobies! She's in the Philippines becoming a doctor. I was chatting with her the other day, and Gary (a friend and former co-worker who's becoming an optometrist) and they totally lost me with their conversation. I have to remember not to do a chat room with the both of them. It was as if I wasn't there, and you know I DON'T like to be ignored. Ever! I can fake a lot of conversations where I am limited on the knowledge front but, medicine is one place where I am complealty at a loss. RITA, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

I emailed Little Jose to work out. I get an email back saying he already did his workout today.Did he ring me up to see if I wanted to work out? No! Bloody bastard. We are going to work out anyway, after he finally rang me, I gave him a ration of shit and we decided to work out before working tonight. I am on the door, thankfully a certain someone is no longer on the schedule, I would have called out sick.

I am doing dinner, alone. The flatmates have gone to work and I am here by myself. Boohoohoo! Well, at least I only have to clean a few dishes.

Sorry I haven't written in this Cafe for a bit. I have been gossiping in our other Cafe. It's exclusive but, worth it!

$25,ooo and (in Bob Barker's voice) A NEW CAR!

That's what you get, folks, if you kill the cartoonist that drew the Mohammed cartoon.

Are you bloody kidding me?!?! Now, where's my friend that left the comment in my entry: Jihad!? Why haven't I heard an uproar in the Islamic world about this? A Muslim cleric put a price on a human being's head?!?!?!

I do declare that these people are way crazy!

14 February 2006

You Don't Bring Me Flowers.

St. Valentine's Day is over! Thank the gods. I never want to see a rose again. I cannot begin to tell you how many roses we went through. How we stopped taking orders at eleven in the morning. How the wire (FTD and such) service didn't take our orders all day. How stupid and rude people are when they don't think ahead and preorder and take it out on us. The girls that answered the phones were each cursed out by some bonehead at one time or another.

Chuck, the head designer, let me make some full arrangements (pictures taken and will be posted soon). I think he was being nice when he said they were O.K. but, I don't believe he was all that impressed. I was still proud of my work and actually took one home. He gave me a lot of great advice and made the day just fly by. I just followed his lead and tried to keep him supplied with greened vases and stemmed roses. We laughed all day which makes it much easier to deal with the holiday rush. I loved his stories about his previous job at another flower shop. I think the creative arts businesses attract an interesting set of characters, which makes it that much more interesting. The next time I will be working at the shop is probably around Mother's Day. Ooh, spring flowers. Very nice!

Tomorrow is payday from the club and I am awaiting my income tax checks. All this work and I am still poor as dirt. Go figure.

When It Rains, It Snows! (R)

I am exhausted and I cannot sleep. I hate this. I am still on Saturday time and it's almost Tuesday. Remember when I stated I needed a job? Remember all that free time I had to organize cabinets and sort clothes and take walks and go to the gym?
I don't have it anymore.
Not only did Saturday come first with a torrential rain shower then a nor'easter blizzard, it brought more work than I can shake a cocktail shaker at! Or a rose stem. Saturday SUCKED so bad, I think I had a grand total of ten customers all night. The snow storm was mostly on the mainland and we didn't get hit with it until around five in the morning and what little crowd we did have, left immediately. We did close the VIP area a little earlier than usual and I went home, miserable. To say I barely made
jitney fare is not overstating the evening. What a total waste of makeup.
Sunday I had to work again, for the open bar thing we have going and, because the snow had stopped in the afternoon and the plows had their chance to clean up the streets, we did much better than the night before. Little Jose and I got a chance to work out in his building's gym and it felt so damn good! I am a little concerned that he's pushing himself too hard after his shoulder injury. I am going to have to keep an eye on him. Then again, he's only twenty-one, he'll heal easier and faster than this beaten and battered old carcass I inhabit. He's starting to look studly again. We are going to be quite buff by summer. Well, because we were busy, we closed later than normal which means, I only had a precious few hours before I had to go to work at the flower shop.
And bloody, buggery bollocks did I work! It was non-stop from the time I got there, around nine, until we had lunch, which by tradition, the shop springs for on the day before and the day of the St. Valentine's Day holiday. Then it was back into the breach. It is really like the Christmas season for the floral industry. We made so many rose bouquets, I haven't a clue how many hundreds of flowers I stemmed. Not to mention the non-stop vases I greened and the constant shifting of the merchandise in and out of the walk-incooler. The phone never stopped ringing and I was glad for the chaos. It kept me awake and functioning, I work extremely well under high pressure. All of my experience from opening casinos (I opened three and one expansion) and bartending at a popular club keeps me honed for this kind of intense pressure. I took many pictures both from the club and during the day at the florist and I will post them soon (side note to
dear Coy, you think you've got flowers? Wait'll you get a load of these, lol). I must say, I really like working at the flower shop. I have only been there three days and I feel like I belong there. I was welcomed right away and I seem to fit right in. It's just temporary, for the holiday but, who knows? I am sure if they need me, they won't hesitate to ring me up when they need help or to cover vacations and whatnot.
I finally got home and passed out on the couch for a bit. That's my problem, I am so amped up from actually working, I can't seem to sleep. And get this, I only have one day off until next Monday.
Like I said, when it rains, it snows!

11 February 2006

Fancy That, I Am Working And It's Raining!

I may be wrong but, if it's gonna snow, and be really bad, it should start snowing soon or we ain't gettin' nuttin'. It's just rain, and a lot of it. I just looked at the projections and it seems we're getting the snow tomorrow. Whatever. The hype machine already killed whatever crowd we would have had tonight and I won't make a bloody dime for my efforts. I swear, this year has turned out so horrible for me and it's only February. I fear to ask what else could happen but, I know it could get a lot worse. Especially with...oh...nevermind.

I guess I should be getting ready, I have no idea what I am wearing and I want to get a home workout in since I haven't been to the gym. I love Miss Patti but, playing nursemaid is taking away from my gym workouts. I haven't been there all week. And I am obsessed, as you know, with the gym.

Red Alert! (R)

I had plans to take a nap and go to the gym before my visit to Patti.
Nope. She rang me up just as I was about to lie down, crying and moaning in a great deal of pain. Her niece couldn't get there so I had to fly to the train and run to her house. By the time I got there, she had recovered somewhat. She had horrendous pains in her stomach, on the side that has been fine all this time, and her leg was numb. I was so scared. I got her up and walked her around, she burped (which I hear is something she will be always be doing) and did some personal things. I made her walk some more and did her dishes and got some of the supplies she'll be needing and put them in spots she can reach. I sat with her, she showed me her incisions, they are getting bruised and look horrible. I swear she has lost weight already. She said she felt a 100% better after drinking some water, eating a popsicle and taking her liquid vitamins. We watched telly and then I had to come home.

09 February 2006

Published! (R)

The Press of Atlantic City published my letter, Raises could fund Miss A scholarship.
I will soon be persona non grata in this city.
Anybody need a slightly used bartender turned work-out junkie?

08 February 2006

Homecoming (R)

Miss Patti is home.

I have had a long day. I got up very early because she wasn't sure when she was getting discharged. Well, after not being able to get a hold of her, I decided to go to hospital and see what the hell was up. She was sleeping. Nice. Anyway, the doctor finally came in and took out all the tubes and whatnot (disGUSTING!) that were in her body draining this and that and went over a few things and then we waited. For hours. I was starving and went down to get something from the little vending station on the ground floor. Junk. All junk. You'd think a hospital would have something of dietary worth but, you'd be wrong. Finally, she had enough and we rang for the nurse. She was very helpful and one, two, three, we were ringing a taxi and off we went to her humble abode. I got her set up in her living room. Luckily she doesn't need to feed now. I won't have to worry about her walking around unnecessarily trying to forage. She had to sit in her chair and do the back massager that she got for herself, that thing is thisclose to having sex with your clothes on. Then, she was beginning to feel some pain so she asked if I would walk to the drug store and fill her 'script.
No good deed goes unpunished.

I walked the two miles to the drugstore, which wasn't bad, I don't really know Absecon so it was a nice way to see the little town and the weather, although cold, wasn't too bitter while the sun was out. I dropped off the 'script and went moseying over to the supermarket.
Then it happened.
I saw my bloody ex-boyfriend. I haven't seen him in a very long time.

Anyway, I got back, after downing half the Tylenol w/Codeine (joking but, I really wanted to), sat with her for a while and made sure she had everything she needed. She had gotten changed whilst I was gone so, I am taking that as her being pretty self-sufficient, and then took the train back to Atlantic City. I have been on the go since 8:30am and I won't be getting any sleep until well after 6:00am because I have to work tonight.


I want to try this again.

The recent uproar over the political cartoon among Muslims worldwide has me perplexed. I don't understand how they can honestly think we, as westerners, would not only understand their outrage but, their compleatly over-the-top response. It's a wonder that they wonder why we think of them and their religion as a bunch of backward savages. I know I am risking a little jihad on my ass by printing such a statement but, I really don't get it. I see, time and again, Muslim spokespersons on the telly, reassuring me that their religion is one of love and respect. That the events of 11 September were unrelated to how a true Muslim would act. That taking life is fundamentally wrong according to their traditions and beliefs. That we should understand them as a good people and a religious people. And yet...

Here we are. Riots and killings and retribution. Over a cartoon. A cartoon printed in a secular newspaper. An opinion. A thought. No one died when this cartoon was conceived. No one was killed in order to bring this cartoon to the printer. No one died when they looked at it. But, people are dying now, and probably more to come. It's considered a huge insult to the Muslim community and maybe we should be more tolerant of how they feel. Depicting their holy prophet in any form is considered sacriledge according to some interpretations of the Koran for it may lead down the path of idolatry .

Wait? What? That's the reason people are dying. Because they are afraid of having a Mohammed creche on their front lawn, like Catholics and their Mary statues? As far as I know, unless you pick the plaster statue up and bash someone over the head with it, idol worship never killed anyone. But, Muslims are killing and threatening and rioting over that very premise. And now, they are printing up holocaust cartoons in retaliation (which is rather childish). Now, let me work this out, Muslims are buying into the neo-Nazi skinhead propaganda that the Jews control the world's free press and they are the ones who are responsible for the cartoon, when you boil it down. That's right, it's the Jew's fault. Again. Who woulda thunk that neo-Nazis and Muslims would be such comfy bedfellows.

My point is, why are westerners the ones who must "understand" the Muslim way? Why are we accountable for their actions? Why can't Muslims understand the western/secular world? To us, it was a cartoon. We don't have the same religious point-of-view to cloud our vision. We have separated our belief in a higher power and the state. Which is why we are not freaking out over every little insult and calling for a global Crusade over a cartoon (like the one I included at the top). It was a mistake. The newspaper made a mistake in depicting their sacred prophet as a terrorist.

But let me ask this; Is terrorizing the nations of the world in the name of Mohammed and Islam productive to changing the minds of us heathens? Or is it simply validating the cartoon?

07 February 2006

Hospital (R)

I spent a few hours with Miss Patti in hospital today. When I got there, she was being walked by an attendant. She looked much better, which took yet another weight off of my shoulders. She told me of her night, it wasn't very pleasant. The pain was very bad and the morphine dispenser was empty and the overnight nurses wouldn't answer her call button. She didn't get any relief until she began screaming. I wanted to walk down that hall and do a "
Terms of Endearment" scene on their asses. Luckily, that shift wasn't there. She said the night was hard through to morning, she was still suffering the effects of the knock-out drugs. It wasn't until after unhooking her from everything and taking her to her morning tests that she felt better. Moving around probably helped. As I was there, they came with dinner, which consisted of clear chicken broth, red jello and a bottle of water. She had one little cube of jello, and I mean little cube, and it made her burp, which hurt like hell. I guess considering her belly is now the size of her thumb, it's about all she can eat. She also had a tube for draining bodily liquids, which luckily, was underneath her clothing. She said it was disgusting. I won't even imagine. Some work friends showed up, with birthday and get well balloons and as I left, another friend was stopping by. Right before I left, she was feeling a bit more pain and took Tylenol with codeine (lucky bitch) and began to drift off. She is to be released on the morrow, to me, so I am arranging transportation as we speak. Then I will spend time with her until I have to go to work.

I walked home on the boardwalk, it was chilly but, not too bad. I saw Little Jose at Evo (he works at the restaurant I used to work at) and he offered to skip school tomorrow to help out with Patti. That was nice. I stopped by my Father's home, my step-mom is sick. What else is new? Seems everyone is coming down with something.

Now I am home and just ate some dinner, breaded chicken breast with fresh Parmesan cheese and spinach sauteed in garlic and oil.

Who am I and when did I become a cook?

Miss Poo Update And More.

I saw Miss Patti at hospital yesterday and she is doing fine. She was still groggy with the knock-out drugs and her left side hurt like hell but, she had a morphine button so, it's all good! I came home and cried like a bitch, I guess the stress of having her in hospital under the knife was a bit too much for me. I love my friends so much, and to have one of them in danger, and surgery is dangerous, makes me mad (in the crazy sense, not angry). I have known Miss Patti since 1984. She's my bestest buddy. I was so relieved to see her, I just wanted to hug the hell out of her but, she would have killed me. I hated seeing her all hooked up to the machines but, the staff was really nice and very professional, I felt great comfort that she will be well cared for. I will go to see her this afternoon since she has tests in the morning.

I just saw, on the internet again, that the official opening of the Studio Six is 25 Feb. I am so glad I have the internet to tell me when I am going to work again! It's funny, we have always joked that working there means we are the last to know anything. And now, with new management and owners you'd think things might have changed but, you'd be wrong. Actually, I am lying, I did know that we were reopening that week just not that it was being announced yet. FINALLY I will be making some money again. It's been getting tighter and tighter. I have no clue how I am going to make it until the end of the month. I have been robbing Peter to pay Paul but, they are on to me now so, I have to just hole up until the twenty-fifth. If it wasn't for the kindness of my friends, I would be a total hermit, and starving. I have already informed my landlord that rent will not be forthcoming until much later. He'll just have to get used to it. This not-being-able-to-start-a-new-paragraph thing is getting on my nerves. Evidently on Blogger, you are only allowed one paragraph. Just one subject to an entry, please! Home Depot is on their way, we are getting new carpets, as I have previously discussed. Evidently, they can only do one flat at a time because their computer thingy that they use for the dimensions of each room can only store one place at a time. So, I am up and awaiting their arrival. Then, I get to wait for the (probably) hideous new carpet to be installed. Our landlord, we have heard through the building gossip mill, expects us to tear the old carpet up since he doesn't want to pay for removal. I laugh at that. If I am taking the new carpet with me when I move, then I will aid in replacing what's here now. Otherwise...pony up the loot, Mr. Landlord, this bitch ain't lifting a damn manicured hand.

Where are my bon-bons?

05 February 2006

Blogger Complaints

I saw the powerful movie, Brokeback Mountain yesterday and wrote about it here:
Saturday Saturnine, exclusively at our other Cafe.

Blogger lost an entry of mine yesterday morning, which I didn't realize until today. I had written about a few things first thing in the morning, as I am doing now, and published it and went on my way. I just noticed that the entry does not exist, not even as a "draft". Curious. I think the AOL Overlords must have infiltrated the outlying blogs and are playing reindeer games with us.
Some more Blogger complaints, I can't seem to get the "formatting" to turn off all the time, causing my entries here to run on without a new paragraph, which drives me mad. And, I set up the
FeedBlitz. Now, the button is missing from this Cafe for everyone to use to get email notification but, I get notices telling me that my journal has been updated. What's up with that? On the AOL front (I just tried to start a new paragraph and it wouldn't let me, grrr) I downloaded the Security Edition and I am loving it. It is WAY faster (and my computer was already quite fast) and the new features, such as instant spell check (much like Microsoft Word) in the emails are welcome additions.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

03 February 2006

Still Bitching!

I haven't left the penthouse yet. I am in a foul mood. Everything went to pot right after Miss Patti rang me about her hair appointment. It seems my hairdresser, Margarita, caught the flu so she had to cancel. Not that she rang me up to let me know. Then the whole AOL/landlord/flatmate thing [see:
Livid (Bitch Fest Ahead, Enter At Your Own Risk)!] got to me. Now that I have delt with that crap (more or less), it's too damn late to go anywhere, which is just as well, since I don't think I'd be great company.
I have been thinking, I need either a hobby, a pet, or a boyfriend. I can't do a pet because I don't have the schedule for a dog and La Chunk is allergic to cats. I can't do the hobby thing because that costs money and I ain't got squat. So, any idea where I can find a mate, mate?

From Then 'Til Now (R)

Wednesday and work came and guess what? I got a workout in. What else is new. Evidently, our barback had a family emergency and couldn't come in so, luckily (luckily?) I was there early enough to do the job. To those of you not in the bar/service industry, being a barback is a very hard job. It requires a whole lot of heavy lifting, cases of beer and water and liquor bottles and huge buckets of ice and it also requires running up and down a lot of steps, especially at our place. It's all stairways and hallways, it's like a labyrinth back-of-the-house. So, I got a good workout in, on top of the five mile walk I took eariler in the day. The previous shift failed to stock the bar so, I got to do it! Yeah. Remember, this was supposed to be my day off of exercising? Anyway, I was actually very happy by the end of the evening to have something to do because, it was painfully slow. So slow, my GM actually apologized for it. Not that it was his fault, it's winter in a tourist town, I have been working there since the earth cooled so I know it's gonna be slow. And, since it was so slow, being the barback means we didn't have to tip out. I decided to rearrange the beer coolers and liquour. Alana and I started our little costume idea. We decided to wear coordinated outfits each week, based on a random theme. Last Wednesday was "military" and we both had fatigues on. This coming week it's "white-hot" and we're going to wear white. It's silly but, in the bar industry, silly goes a long way and makes the place fun. The customers noticed we were dressed alike already and maybe it will become a fun little trend. Who knows. She wanted me to stay but, I wasn't feeling too much like partying. It's just not in my budget considering my budget was way off because it was so slow.
I am supposed to start my shows up again but, I am rethinking my decision. I could definitely use the money but, having to dress in a dress again just doesn't appeal to me. Don't get me wrong, aside from prostitution, you can make a good deal of money wearing a pair of heels, and I do but, I just don't want to have to go down that road right now. Who knows? I have a bit of time before I have to decide.
To-day we're supposed to have near record temperatures, over 60F. Woohoo! I am going to take a walk, again, and hit the gym. Because of the mini workout on Wednesday, I took off of the gym yesterday. To-day is different. I can't wait to hit the gym tonight!
I'll be back. (Author's Note: This entry appears in our original
Cafe. It has been edited to keep things from my Mother, LOL!)

02 February 2006

Day Off

Last night I had to leave an offering at the altar of pain, also known as
Island Gym. Yes, folks, it's official, I have joined the ranks of the fitness obsessed. I guess it's better than being a crackwhore! Dorian and I did my routine and I upped the weights, yet again. I am amazed at how much I can lift. We also added a few different sets to keep things fresh. I feel really good right now, it must be the endorphins again. Miss Patti was all over the gym as well, I kept eyeing her on the leg presses and the ab crunch machine. Very good! I treated myself to a chocolate protein shake with a spoonful of peanut butter. It was like a REESE'S peanut butter cup. Yum! Today is payday, this every two week thing is for the birds. I hate it. It does give me an excuse do my five mile walk. It's still overcast and damp out but, after the wonderful weather we have had so far this winter, I can put up with one off day. And, I always get the gossip when I am there, which is like a bonus! Hell, even if I don't, I make stuff up. Bloody hell, I need a hobby. Or a job. I don't know what else to do today, I can't go to the gym, I need to take time off, I realized I have been working out at least five days in a row and I have to give my body a chance to rest and regenerate. Wait, that makes me sound like the Borg (geek reference alert). Well, I do look good in leather, rubber and electronics. Who doesn't? Time to pop on over to Myspace and see what's doing there.

01 February 2006


The day is turning out to be glorious, yet again! I can not believe it's the first of February and I wandered along the ocean on the boardwalk with my jacket open and just letting the sun beat down through the clouds on me. I took some shots of the city again, which I will post later. I caught up on a few doings at the club, they are replacing the airconditioning equipment down in the Brass Rail, I can only imagine what it looked like when they took out the old one and progress is being made upstairs in the Studio Six. I can't wait! I'll get to see the Studio better tonight when I go into work. I bumped into a few friends on the boards, which is always nice. The construction is going like gangbusters on THE PIER at Caesars. It's going to be quite the shopping and clubbing experience. I can't wait. I hope they can get it done on schedule, it will really bring a new vitality to the resort. And for those that remember, Planet Hollywood is shut. They tore down the gladiator holding up the revolving planet that was a mainstay for many years. My Mother, Aunt, Nan and I went there once, many years ago, right after I had been outed by the Philadelphia Inquirer. So, it will always have a "special" meaning for me. Speaking of my Mother, I just got off the phone with her. Her pet cat, Homey, of fifteen years died last Friday. My thoughts are with you, Mom.
I think I will take a nap before I have to get ready for work. I am so not used to working, I'll need to rest up before I having to sling drinks. If you are in the neighborhood, it's fifty cent drinks from 10:00p-2:00a (
Club Tru & Studio Six for all the info for the week)!

I think they put me on Wednesday nights because the customers need to get really drunk if they are going to have to look at me!