09 October 2012

Family Drama And More (Originally Published 26 May 2008)

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Whilst I was without phone service, my father went in hospital and had three vertebra removed from his lower back.  Of course, he was in and out of the operation and back home before I found out about it.  My mobile was on for…ever and the moment it's been shut off, I have a family emergency!  Of course!  Well, I picked up a bouquet from the Art of Flowers and went to visit him on Wednesday.  I felt bad because I didn't bring the keys to his place and he had to get up to open the door for me.  I had assumed that my stepmother would be there but she was at work.  He hobbled over and let me in, I was impressed that he could actually move, let alone walk around.  I gave him a kiss hullo and walked him back to the couch, put the flowers on the mantle and sat on the loveseat, noticing that both it and the couch were new.  I could tell he was still in some pain, he has twenty staples in his lower back and it had been less than a week since the surgery.  He did look well, though, considering what he'd been through.  I sat and we chatted, he gave me the folder containing all the information about his operation and it was very informative and quite astounding.  The fact that they could take out the bones of your spine and within six months you can resume normal activities like walking, lifting…everything.  My uncle was in a car accident in the seventies and he had rods put in his back fusing the bones and he has worn a back brace and has had trouble walking up to this day. It's amazing that medical science has come so far that they can now remove the damaged and arthritic discs and you'll have a full recovery without them! 
We chatted, I watched as he did the required exercises and walking routine that they recommended he do as part of his physical therapy.  I can't tell you how mind-blowing it was to see him do these things.  Yes, it was grueling, I could see it on his face but, he did it and I was so proud. He told me the doctors were surprised that he didn't need a walker when they had him walk down the hallways in the hospital right after the surgery.  I got him something to drink and he took his medication and I sat for a bit, talking about work and this-and-that.  I saw that the pain pills were beginning to work so I said my good-byes, he said the pills knock him out and I could see he was getting drowsy. 
After that, I went home and did the usual, got ready for work on Wednesday and that's when the previous entry happened. 
After my little liaison on Wednesday night, I didn't get home until two in the afternoon and I had to work on Thursday, at four.  This was my long day, Karaoke night and I had to work from four until one in the morning. Being a slut has its drawbacks.  I was exhausted and couldn't wait until the night was over.  My friend Tara and I were texting back and forth, she knew about my little indiscretion and wanted to know how I was doing.  Actually, she rang me twice during the…umm…deed wanting to know what was happening. 

People, this is why I don't want a bloody mobile!  Ringing phones aren't conducive to intimate acts. 

I slept the sleep of the dead until Friday afternoon, getting up and checking if my anticipated government checks arrived, no dice, but I had a little money on me and I decided to order some food, another luxury I had let go of during the last month or so.  I have been living on cheap Chef-Boy-Ardee and sale items at the local grocery store.  Getting a Greek pizza, curly fries and fresh salad was like manna from heaven.  I ate and ate, gorging myself on this delicious repast and promptly fell back asleep, satiated in both mind and body.  I woke up later and did a few things, writing a journal entry and finally, after watching the horrible television shows that were on offer, I have pretty much seen everything on The History Channel and The Discovery Channel, I fell back asleep. 

Oh, speaking of the telly, I can't believe David Archuelta didn't win American Idol!

I got up on Saturday morning to a beautiful day.  I could hear the shoobies on the boardwalk from my bedroom window, I pulled up the mini-blinds and saw them hauling coolers, chairs and umbrellas over the dunes to the water's edge.  Yes, hot cats and cool chicks, summer is here!  I finished up my entry, got dressed and went downstairs to a huge surprise.  My Economic Stimulus Check arrived!  Six hundred smackers!  I bounced out the door and decided to go to Brittany's Café for a light lunch, they told me that the breakfast rush was huge but the lunch crowd was slow, evidently everyone is out on the beaches and boards.  I walked down to the flower shop, looking at the traffic that was crawling by me and all the people walking everywhere.  I posted my entry and chatted with Lee, he's Becky's partner in the shop.  After checking my emails and cashing my check, I went back to see my father to check on his progress.  He was actually feeling even better the last time I was there.  My dad is such a trooper!  I got back home and did nothing but then I realized that the salon was still open so, in the middle of writing this entry, I dashed down to the House of Hair, sat in the chair and got a much-needed haircut.  I look cute as hell, if I do say so myself.  I can't decide if I should keep the beard I've been sporting, maybe I'll just trim it down a bit. 
My boss just rang me up, he needs me in early to cover for him and then my barpartner is coming in late.  So I'll be working alone for a bit. No biggie, it won't get busy until after midnight and that's when Jose will be in. 
Time to finish my laundry and get my act together.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

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