09 October 2012

Fire In The Sky (Originally Published 17 Jun 2008)

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I find myself this morning sitting once again on my bed after a fitful night's sleep.  The promised break in the weather came but it seems to have taken its time softening the temperatures, at least where my bedroom is concerned.  Even with the windows open wide and the overhead fan spinning incessantly, the room remained stuffy and overly warm.  The winds of change came out of the east and my chamber faces the setting sun.  The warmer airs were pushed through the penthouse and collected in my room, disturbing my sleep and making me toss between dreams and nightmares.  I constantly woke throughout the night, readjusting the pillows, my position, contemplating taking a little something to help me sleep but I feared that I'd sleep through the day since the hours kept getting later and later and I had an appointment with Miss Patti (among others) on the 'morrow. 
I laugh as I look out the windows at the workmen across the way.  Whilst they occasionally take a break and grab the binoculars to gaze at the beauties bathing on the beach, I sit in my darkened room a take my liberties and stare at them.  It's taking advantage of a distraction, I believe it's one of the tactics in The Art of War.  And love, whether it's pure and beautiful or voyeuristically lustful (as this is) is akin to war. And all is fair, either way. 
Yesterday, I left my home after doing my workout and taking my time getting myself prepared for Ra, the Egyptian sun god, who's reign over my island was cruel and seemingly unending.  I used every shield that my modern arsenal could conjure in order to battle the ancient and merciless god of blistering light but to no avail.  Once out on the boardwalk, which is aligned with the vast Atlantic Ocean, I thought dear Posiedon, that Greek god of water and wind, would offer me some protection.  I found that I was a pawn to the whims of Ra, and that poor Poseidon was no match for the king of the Egyptian pantheon, and Ra took no time beating my defenses and driving me from his gaze. I left the boardwalk after a few blocks and waited for a jitney to take me away, away from the sun, the heat and the fire of a god's cruel wrath.

I departed the little bus down by Caesars and made my way up through the shopping district, trying to stay out of direct rays of the sun but it was straight overhead, leaving little shade to hide in from the powerful beams of light and fire above.  My face was a constantly drenched, the sunglasses that were shielding my eyes slid down my nose, no matter how much I wiped my brow, the sheen of water would not leave me, would not end this torment.  I crossed through the Convention Center, not even there would I get a moment's respite since the atrium windows above gave the sun god a clear view of his hapless victim and he tormented me through the glass ceiling, making my journey seemingly without end. 
I purchased a V-8 from the vending machine and drank it down in one long draught, I needed the liquids and the salt, which was leeching out of my skin.  Finally, I reached my goal, the little white building that would be my salvation, my final goal, my haven from the fire above and I banged on the door and was given entry to this sanctuary. 
Once in the club, I sat a moment, savouring the victory over my tormentor in the sky, since the next time I would be leaving this place, dear Luna will have taken over the skies and sweet darkness would prevail.  I chatted with Lee, who was storing the bottles of spirits that were just delivered, and then made ready the bar for the day.  I took my time since I knew that no one would be breaking through the doors for a drink anytime soon.  I set up the back bar as much as I could since I would be working back there on Thursday and considering I would be so busy all day Wednesday swimming in the pools of the Water Club and then working later that night, I thought it would be prudent to take care of that problem now, unlike our heroine Scarlet who readily exclaimed, "Tomorrow is another day!"  My "tomorrow" will be too full to put it off until Thursday afternoon when I'll be exhausted. 
I ordered food, my insatiable hunger of the last week or so is still not abated.  The food came quickly and I ate all I could and put the rest away for later. 
And then I sat. 

And sat. 

And sat. 

Finally, four members of our local hospital came by and drank with me, listening to bad eighties music and talking amongst themselves.  Then another patron came in, a regular of the Westside, whose penchant for falling off his barstool is legendary.  I did my job and served the libations, and fretted the day away with my mobile, texting a few friends and checking my emails.  The day wore on, the air conditioner working it's magic and chilling me to the bone but I did not care, it was a sweet chill after the bitter sun I endured earlier in the day.  I saw the hateful sun finally set through the windows of the club and knew that my time there was soon to end, that my relief would be coming in and I could go home.
Ed did finally come and sat with me, talking.  I counted out my drawer and returned the favour by sitting with him but he began to get patrons himself and had to attend to them.  I finished my Ice Pick, an aptly named drink on such a blistering hot day, and left the bar, out into the dark night, the stars overhead and lovely Luna waxing above.  Her power to banish the light was welcome but she had no defense against the heat of the day, it remained and the air was still thick with warmth and humidity.  I walked home, this time in defiance, Luna would shine down upon me and I would laugh in the face of the mighty sun god who was vanquished by the subtle grace of the moon.

I undressed and collapsed on my bed, not caring what channel the television was on, it kept me company as I fell into sleep, until the visions of wonder and horror took their turn and kept me company once I passed into slumber.

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