09 October 2012

The Week In Review (Originally Published 24 Sep 2008)

The Week In Review

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I did the usual things this past week.  Work, play, work, and play.  It was a rather uneventful week.  Wednesday wasn't great but it was steady, I ended up not getting out of work until four in the morning, which is our usual closing time but we've been slow so we've been shutting early. Thursday found me at Déjà vu for a bit after I worked at the Westside and closed up the back bar when Karaoke finished.  It was another slow night and I don't think Gidget was too happy that I brought most of the bar with me when I left.  It's usually busier there, it's their Eurotrash night, but I was shocked at how slow it was.  I guess most of the kids have gone back to Russia or Estonia or wherever they're from (although each year more and more stay…and not legally).  Friday brought me a surprise during the day, one of my favourite customers/friends, Al, came in unexpectedly and sat with me for a time.  Well, he didn't exactly sit. He recently went in for surgery on a few hemorrhoids but once he was all trussed up and ready, they found he has colon cancer!  Evidently they caught it early and after a bit of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, it should eradicate it.  I hope so!  Al is quite a wonderful person and I can't imagine him not sitting there, belly up to the bar, making me laugh all day.  A.J. (Alexia Love), one of my dearest and longest friends, was also in hospital.  He recently underwent a kidney transplant.  I asked him how he felt and he said, "Like they sawed me in half."  That's not a feeling I'd want anytime soon.  He should be back from Philadelphia this coming Friday to convalesce.  Miss Patti will be at her doctor's office that day.  She's been having pains in her stomach and fears there's something wrong with her previous gastric bypass surgery.  I think it's just that she's eating the wrong things but we shall see.  And my father needs a bypass.  I guess all the fashionable people can be seen in hospital now!  Let me work up a condition!

Just kidding.

I didn't work at Déjà vu on Saturday but I did end up there for a bit, hanging out with Tara and making out with Jen!  Love her!  This was after an unexpectedly good night at the Westside.  The drag performer was Brittany Lynn and she was funny as usual.  Oh, we did have something else unexpected happen, an impromptu employee meeting. It's that time of year where the management/owners are concerned about the bottom line namely: stop drinking all the profits away!  We're also reinstating our strict door cover policy (which I believe is a mistake but I'm just a bartender).  He said they have some idea coming up about the Westside Lounge's one-year anniversary and Halloween (a gay High Holiday) but he didn't elaborate.  I have been asking about this for a month, we should have had flyers out NOW but, as I said before, I am just a bartender. 
Back to Saturday night.  We had a "customer" there, he's one of the boardwalk performers, if you can call it that, who dances to a boom box for the adoring crowds. 

All three of them. 

In high heels. 

With no shirt.

And he's in his late fifties. 

Well, he proceeded to dance at the Westside wearing nothing more than a black cap over his white hair, a red thong, red socks and one-inch silver heels.  That's it folks.  At least he matched his thong and socks.   

Put that image in your head for a minute.

Now, the comedy of it is obvious, having this older bloke dancing around in his skivvies is quite funny but the mirth ends after about…oh…thirty seconds.  I tried to get our manager to have him put his clothing back on but I was overruled and customers, the younger, hipper crowd we desperately need, began walking out disgusted.  I wanted to leave as well but I got to stand there watching this mess for more than an hour. What do I know, I'm just a bartender. 

Monday came and it was movie night at the club.  Eddy was showing "Speed Racer" and I couldn't wait!  I have been wanting to see this movie forever and I got there early to get myself set!

Of course, it got busy.  It got busy with friends I haven't seen in foreverand I was torn between watching the movie and playing catch-up with them. 


I balanced it out with a few beers and concentrating on the astounding visuals in the movie.  It can best be described as "pro wrestling with cars".  I loved what I saw of it and can't wait to be able to sit in my room and watch it properly.

TODAY:  I'm going to see New Kids On The Block at the Meadowlands in North Jersey!  I can't bloody WAIT!

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