10 October 2012

About Last Night (Originally Published 19 Feb 2009)

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As a component to the book I am reading about Queen Elizabeth I, a friend of mine lent me the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl”.  Tudor fashion was outrageous, especially for the men but Eric Bana made a very hunky Henry VIII, no matter how wide his shoulders were in those outfits.  Anne Boleyn was pretty much everything they said about her, a heretic whore.  My kind of gal!  It’s a great lead-in to the wonderful movie “....Elizabeth....” starring the luminous Cate Blanchett (although reading the novel, I see how they played fast and loose with that little thing called “historical accuracy”).  
My friend also lent me the remake of “The Women” which I enjoyed. The original is a masterpiece, a camp classic of the first order and I was a little concerned that the new version would suck.  
Happily, it did not suck.  
It had its moments, some of which had me laughing out loud.  Candice Bergen was a highlight.  Love her! 

Miss Patti and I did meet for a late dinner at Los Amigos, as planned.  I got there a bit early, ordered a margarita and read, chatting with the waitress a bit and waiting for my date.  I then noticed that they were cleaning up.  Everything.  My spidey-sense was tingling and I asked what was going on.  I was informed that they were shutting down and we were the last customers.  


By the time we rushed through our meal, the kitchen lights were off, the front bar had the stools on top and they had to unlock the door to let us out.  


The meal was delicious and the sangria was divine!

Patti wanted more so, we nixed the idea of going to the Westside Lounge (I wonder why?) and proceeded to go to The Pier to see Lance, who was not working.  So we sauntered through the casinos until we got to Bally’s and the Blue Martini, a fabulous little bar right off the casino floor.  She had never been there before and was tickled by the ice rail that’s imbedded in the polished black marble bar.  It’s a cute touch and we ordered our usual cocktails, although I had to teach the barkeep how to make a mackintosh apple martini.  We find it far tastier than the ....Washington.... apple.  She decided on another but I begged off, knowing how she gets and I watched her little stomach absorb the alcohol of the second round and go straight to her little head!
We had little time to waste after that and I escorted (carried) her through Bally’s, up the street and to the bus terminal, listening to her tell me how woozy she was! 
She’s so cute when she’s knocked back a few. 

I got home and changed out of my clothes (I looked like an English professor for some reason) and climbed into bed, where I instantly fell asleep.  

Time to start my day!

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