09 October 2012

Colour Me Busy! (Originally Published 8 Jul 2008)

Colour Me Busy!

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I haven't felt like writing.  My thoughts have been scattered all over, my emotions have been rollercoasting and I have been working extra days. 

This week and now the holiday weekend have been quite full.  I started out the week working on Tuesday, Scar had come in and we were chatting.  My relief came in and after some more chatting, Scar invited me over to his "estate" out in Egg Harbor Township.  I spent the night exploring his rather remarkable home, he's an eclectic collector and his home is full of some of the most interesting things I have ever seen.  It's akin to Howard Carter entering King Tutankhkamun's tomb for the first time.  His home is a veritable jumble of artifacts, from human bone covered horse statues (which he procured from the Taj Mahal Casino which quickly sold them when the realized what was covering the sculptures) to Russian eggs and swords to antique Cadillac cars from the early nineteen hundreds.  It was quite the experience and I relished hearing the stories about the items that caught my attention.  The next day we watched a "Queer As Folk" marathon, I did more exploring and played with his dogs and the other animals on his property and he gave me a ride home after attending to some business.  I got ready and went to work on Wednesday night, which began to get busy almost immediately after I got there.  I had a great night andit flew by quickly.  I shut the club at four in the morning and wandered over to Babes to see Tara.  She and I did a few shots, she finished up and we were off to Maloney's for a nightcap.  I ran into a few friends and hung out longer than I wanted to, getting home after dawn and passing out.  I was supposed to meet up with Miss Patti and her boyfriend for lunch but I woke up with a hellacious hangover and just sat in my room, recovering.  I got ready and wandered out into the bright, painful sunshine (I swear the sun is intent on killing me) to open the club and work my long Thursday shift.  I got there and had to wait around for a bit for the owner to show up and let me in.  Evidently, someone stole the company truck and there was a mad scramble to find it and retrieve it. After setting up both the front and back bars, I settled in for a slow day. Phillip and Angie came in to torture me for a few hours, with Phillip getting very drunk and loudly arguing with two straight gentlemen that were hanging out.  I quelled that scene and the bar was getting a little busy.  My boys from Delaware text messaged me that they were in town and coming to the club later.  My relief came in and I went to the back bar and finished setting up for the night as the Karaoke host set up his equipment.  Scar came in with his "boyfriend" and asked me to help him set up his grounds for a party on Friday.  I agreed without thinking, as usual.  He left and my boys came in, as well as everyone else!  It turned out to be a great night, very busy and time flew once again.  At one o'clock in the morning, when the Karaoke was over, I shut my bar down and sat for a drink with my boys at Gidget's bar.  It was a quick drink because we were all rather randy and wanted to get "reacquainted" once again.  We rang a taxi and were offto Caesars for a night of raucous debauchery.  Three's company, too.


In the late morning, we wandered down to Caesar's buffet for breakfast. It was passable, the scrambled eggs were runny and the fresh fruit had little flavour but the bacon was to die for!  Once back in the room, my mobile rang.  It was Scar, collecting on my offer of help.  Now regret set in because I really didn't want to leave our little air-conditioned love nest.  
Being the dutiful person I am (and because Scar was already on his way to the penthouse), I ran to the Jitney and got home shortly after he arrived.  Traffic coming into the city was getting busy and he was a bit late.  He didn't ask why I wandered up from down the street instead of coming out of my building and I didn't offer any explanation.  We chatted about this and that on the way to his place and once there, he put me to work.  It was rather more work than I realized I was agreeing to, they were expecting more than seventy people for this party.  Almost all Russians.  I cleaned the chairs, tables, serving tables, beer coolers and the huge grill after hauling most of it from the storage places scattered all over his rather vast property.  His "estate" is so big, he actually owns a river that runs through it.  A river big enough to hold many species of fish, which one of theRussian boys (who lives in the reconverted barn) caught several of during the time I was there.  I had to open the bar at four that afternoon so, after spending my time in indentured servitude, he gave me a ride back to the city.  A long ride.  A very long ride.  The traffic that was building up at noon turned the Atlantic City Expressway into a veritable parking lot by three o'clock.  It still moved but it was shoulder to shoulder cars all the way in, getting so bad that it took half an hour to get from the toll booth to the front of the Westside Lounge (which is right at the base of the Expressway, exit B).  I got there right on time and quickly opened up after I changed into a fresh T-shirt (that I thankfully put in my bag the day before) and cleaned up a bit.  I was a sweaty, pollen-infested, muddy mess and I needed to look presentable since I didn't have a chance to stop at home.  When cutting the limes, I nearly severed my right index finger.  It hurt like hell and I spent a half an hour getting the bleeding to stop and making sure I didn't need professional medical help.  It was painfully slow, being the Fourth of July, everyone was elsewhere enjoying the holiday so, I was able to repair the damage before anyone wandered in.  Once the sun set, my boys came to see me, as well as a few customers, and I had fun flirting with them and chatting with everyone at the bar.  Most of them were our regulars (as well as my friends) and I spent the rest of my shift going from one conversation to another.  Once Gidget relieved me, I hung there for a bit again (gossip related) and then the three of us ended up back at Caesars and in bed!
I eventually passed out and in the morning, we got ready (me in the same dirty clothes, day three) and went to the Borgata for breakfast.  I got the Tijuana Griddle and it was fantastic!  Once back at Caesars, I decided I needed to go the hell home,take care of a few things (change clothes!) and get a load of laundry done. 

It's Saturday, I work tonight and it should be off the hook.  Hopefully!  So far, this week has been better than anticipated and I think tonight will be quite busy. 

Time to get ready and meet up with my boys for dinner then it's off to the Westside!

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