09 October 2012

Just A Little (Originally Published 16 Oct 2008)

Just A Little

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The fact that the Studio Six may reopen is a huge secret so, naturally, everyone is talking about it.  I chatted with Scar about it last night, he was suspicious about the motives.  As he's rather versed in the world of business, he thinks that they're only reopening to keep the liquor license valid.  Evidently, there's a requirement attached to the license that says the business needs to be running for a period of time in order to maintain the validity of the license.  That may be the case but we shall see.  As in all things concerning that club, I'll believe it when it happens.

Wednesday was a good night, it stayed busy for most of the time and I made a bit of money.  My good friend, Al, stopped by for a few cock…tails.  He had to start his chemotherapy and radiation treatments on Thursday and wanted to get in a "last shout", so to speak.  We laughed and talked and I gave him a big hug and kiss before he left.  It will be at least six weeks of treatments and I know that chemotherapy is brutal.  I'll miss him! 
At the end of the night Aaron, the bouncer, showed up and offered me a ride home but we ended up taking a detour to the Home Run, a little dive bar next to the minor league stadium.  The bartender made me a disgustingly sweet drink which I actually left sitting there after a few sips. You know it was horrible if I allowed alcohol to go to waste.  That is true alcohol abuse!

I woke on Thursday to darkened skies and winds.  A rare early nor'easter came up the coast and promised to bring rain, winds, floods…the usual mess.  I got ready early to beat the heavier rains and set up the dance floor bar, putting out the bottles, filling the ice and getting everything ready for Karaoke.  I ordered food and watched the police outside.  They had blocked off a street next to the club but didn't give a clue as to why.  As I ate, my mobile rang and I found out that Karaoke was canceled.  Our Karaoke host, Bernie, is also a local policeman.  When there's foul weather, the cops are "on call" and he had to be free in case of an emergency.  The timing couldn't have been worse.  A half-hour earlier and I wouldn't have had to set everything up! Blast!  This also meant that I would be making less money since there's no need to open the back bar later. 
Of course, once Gidget relieved me, everyone came in for the non-existent Karaoke, the bar filled up and I was sitting there with Greg and Scar feeling a bit pissy!  There was a group of people from the night before who came in to sing and to see me who left because the Karaoke was canceled.  Oh well, no need to keep crying over the uncontrollable. I had a few drinks, waited for a break in the rains and wandered down to the Jitney and to home. 
Today should be slow, the storms won't be out of the area until Sunday. 


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