09 October 2012

The Olympics (Or Lack Thereof) (Originally Published 25 Aug 2008)

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Part of my punishment for continued living with the psychomate is the fact that he disabled my television connection so I do not have TV unless I pay for it myself.  Now, this is just bloody retarded!  The reason you have roommates is to share the bills.  But, he has decided, in his twisted little angry mind, that it's better if we both pay full price for cable. 

I currently do not have cable and have not had it for months.

It's not that I can't afford the monthly bill, it's the process of coming up with the deposit that's stopping me from getting the telly and Internet hooked up.  Just when I have a little excess cash, something happens and I no longer have that little bit to have everything installed. 

And it's the damned principal of it all. 

That being said, I have seen some of the Olympics, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. 

People, London had some HUGE fucking shoes to fill when it's their turn (and judging by that double-decker bus shtick with that chick singing a Led Zeppelin song, they have a whole lotta work to do!).  Both ceremonies were something to behold.  Beautiful, spectacular, insane, poetic, incredible…the adjectives do not do them justice.  Okay, the closing ceremonies kinda petered out with all the singing towards the end, that "Beijing, Beijing" song was pure treacle but, when they represented the Olympic flame with their bodies on that stand in the middle of the stadium…pure genius, pure art, pure magic!    

While at work I got to see some of the recaps of the events and a few of the events televised on other channels but I missed some of my favourites.  Oh well.  I guess I'll get the DVD when it comes out. 

Probably bootleg from China (natch!). 

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