09 October 2012

THE RETURN OF CHUNKIE! (Originally Published 11 Mar 2008)

Current mood:depressed

I was in my bed, just hitting that part of the sleep cycle that's deep and regenerative when there was a loud knock on my door from my psycho-mate informing me that someone was out in the living room, here to see me.  That meant his time with our former flatmate was up and my time was to begin.  I struggled through my sleepiness, my befuddled state and got out of bed, stumbled out into the dining room and said "hullo" to my former roomie and gave him a big hug and kiss!  Then I told him to wait, I'll be a minute or two getting ready and I stumbled back to the bathroom and began to try and make something human out of the dreck that rose from the dead out of my crypt. 
After a few minutes of personal grooming, I was ready, if not beautiful.  I must admit, I looked like death warmed over but I wanted to see my friend and a little ugly wasn't going to stand in the way.  We went to our favourite haunt, Brittany's Café and I showed him off to Nina, who was happy to see him.  We talked about his mom (she's the reason he's here, she was in hospital) and his life out in Las Vegas.  After brunch I took him down to see Becky (because she would have kicked my ass if I didn't) and they visited for a bit, although she was busy with a few issues.  Of course everyone had to remark about how tired I looked, nice to kick me when I'm down, but as I said, I didn't care what I looked like, I wanted to see Super Chunk, sleep was for fags!
We then wandered around the neighborhood, I gave him the gossip about everyone, and I escorted him to his chariot.  We hugged good-bye and off he went, back to his parental units and I went back to bed for some much needed sleep!
I miss the big lug!

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