09 October 2012

Dream (Originally Published 9 Apr 2008)

Current mood:lonely

I was in a café, all white, with windows everywhere, and it was far from an airport but I could still see planes taking off and landing in the distance.  Some of them came over the small café that I was sitting at (evidently I was waiting for a train that ran out front) and I could see them as they flew over.  I looked up and coming overhead was an odd looking plane, very low and rumbling the café, that looked more like the space shuttle but it had markings on it like it was a FedEx carrier.  It banked sharply overhead and the landing gear came out, they were not wheels, they were long and silver and shiny, four of them, and they looked a bit like they were the blades of ice skates.  Then these large pinwheel-looking black things came out from the wing area and it began to slow down in the sky.  It looked like it was coming in for a landing even though this was not a runway.  I ran out of the café along a train track that was for the local train to…somewhere.  The "plane" lined up over the lower tracks that ran parallel, they were freight tracks, and began to land.  I assumed it was an emergency landing and I was running alongside to watch.  I noticed it began to shake and veer slightly once it hit the ground and I ducked into one of the Plexiglas enclosures that lined the tracks and the "plane" began to break up and explode.  I ducked down against the wall of the little enclosure nearest the explosion reasoning the bank of dirt will force the debris and shockwave to angle up over me and I’d be safe.  Bricks from the nearby buildings torn apart by the explosion and pieces of the "plane" landed a few feet away from me, making a horrible sound, but I was perfectly safe, although scared to death! When the shrapnel stopped falling, I got up to see the damage it caused and that’s when I woke up.

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