09 October 2012

Reviews! (Originally Published 21 Nov 2008)


Since I am without telly, I have been watching the extensive VHS movie collection that Super Chunk left behind when he moved to Las Vegas.  There are nearly two hundred movies and cartoons and such out in the living room.  Sunday night I decided to finally watch the gay classic "The Sound of Music" from beginning to end.  I have often told the tale of my watching it right up to where she begins singing the title song on the hill and I turn it off in horror!  Well, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I took toothpicks to my eyelids, strapped myself down to a chair, took the batteries out of the remote and watched the entire movie!

It actually made me shed a little tear or two.

Okay, I admit, it's a great movie.  It has all the gay elements; Julie Andrews, singing, nuns, Nazis, lederhosen, Julie Andrews, glorious chateau's and the infamous line, "Maria, what is it you can't face?" (Say it fast and with an accent on the word "can't".  Get it?  Got it?  Good!)
So I guess I officially have my pink cards!

I then popped in a movie that I have wanted to see for a long time but was never quite in the mood for.  It's the classic "The Manchurian Candidate" starring Frank Sinatra and, in a most devilish role, Angela Lansbury!  This is a great movie!  And quite the mind-fuck!  The twists and turns are devious and unexpected, the brilliant way they depicted the brain washing scene was quite clever.  I can't believe I waited so long to watch this movie.  I have to say, it's refreshing to watch an "older" movie and it still blows your mind, is still capable of surprising you. 

I then put in "Kiss Me Guido", a cute little movie about a "guido" actor who needs a place to live in Manhattan and mistakes GWM (gay white male) in the personal ad to mean "guy with money".  Hilarity ensues!  The funny thing was, the gay roommate was watching "The Sound of Music" throughout the movie.  It was a nice bookend for my personal movie night.

I had a curious week.  Gidget was on vacation in sunny Florida and Ed and I had to cover all his shifts.  A few doubles and several days of exhausting shifts later found me dead asleep on my days off.  I believe I have beaten my insomnia, nearly forty-eight hours of sleep will do that.  I found that I was playing "manager" again, the staff kept asking me when to close, what time should we do the shows, all sorts of managerial questions.  I found myself perplexed at first but then fell right into old habits.  Face it, when I was a barback at the Studio, I ordered everyone around, I guess certain habits are hard to break.  We had the "Be Visible" meet-and-greet last Thursday night.  We always set up food and did so that night not knowing that they had promoted it as a potluck dinner.  Well, we had food all over the club!  And they had to put the fakafta desserts on MY bar!  I ate and ate and ate all bloody night!  Yum!  The turnout wasn't that huge, the damned rain saw to that but, it was a fun night.  I chatted with a rather well connected gentleman about running specialty parties.  I have his number and will have to give him a ring. 

Speaking of the Studio Six, it seems it's opening on New Year's Eve! 

Time to get ready to see Miss Patti on our weekly date.

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