09 October 2012

The Last Café (Originally Published 7 May 2008)

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Well, it's done.  I shut Mortimer's Café last week, forever.  That's all folks! 
The turnout was small, which is fitting.  I performed songs that meant a lot to me.  A special "Thank You!" to my guest performers;

Bianca: She's new to the drag scene and is actually a rather popular Latin singer (as a boy).  When she heard that it was my last show, she had to come and perform. 
Dareena Ho: Of all I may have said about her in the past, jokingly, I was happy to have her there at the end.
Lady Labelle: She's my adopted drag daughter and I love her innovative side, she reminds me of me, back in the day. 
Alexia Love: My drag sister and one of my best friends.  The person who gave me the shot to open Mortimer's Café back at Reflections, the little nightclub on South Carolina and the boardwalk.  To have her there on the last night was all I could have asked for. 

I made it though the show without a tear. 

Once back in the dressing room, I unleashed a torrent of tears, sobbing and wailing that you'd…

I was going to say, "you'd think I was burying a child" and I guess in a manner of speaking, I did.  My Café was my baby for quite a long time and now it's done, gone, kaput. 
It's over.


And now I am going to stop writing about it, for now. 

I am crying again. 

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