09 October 2012

The Never Ending Day (Originally Published 27 Nov 2008)

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My day had not ended so tidily. 
On my way to the Westside Lounge (where you should come for all your cock…tail needs!), I walked by my salon and dropped in since Margarita was there.  I decided to I wanted to look pur-dy for my family so I scheduled a hair appointment for Wednesday at five.  This meant I needed to stock the club and set everything up Tuesday night since I wouldn't have time to do it Wednesday afternoon, as my shift starts at six.  I made an additional stop at Pizza Di Roma and got a salad and slice, Tuesday seemed to be my eat-everything-in-sight day.  Once at the club, I chatted with Ed again and then got down to the business of setting up my bar.  Well, lo and behold, my dear friend Jose had stocked the damn thing on Sunday night!  I! Was! Shocked!  To say the least.  I only had to do a few things here and there and the bar was ready to go.  I quick updated our dry-erase board and was ready to dash when Greg and Scar came in.  Damn!  That meant I had to stay for at least another beer. 

Which is exactly what I did. 

I made a quick get-a-way and off I wandered down through the city to the Jitney stop in front of Bally's Casino.  I then had a thought, "Maybe I'll go say 'hullo' to Lance and Phil real quick and then walk home on the boardwalk."  So I walked through the Wild Wild West and then Caesars until I got to The Pier and the restaurant level where I saw them both standing together chatting at Phil's restaurant.  I regaled them with stories of Madonna madness, they told me their war stories of the same night and then Lance spirited me away to the Continental and simply forced me to drink martinis and eat even MORE food! 
By now, I was bloody exhausted and I begged off any further cock…tails or anything else for that matter and made my second get-a-way for the night, starting off with walking down the boards but ending up dashing through the Boardwalk Hall underpass to the Jitney stop, where I was whisked home to the safety of my penthouse in the sky (and on the beach!).

It was only ten at night.

I dropped into bed and passed out only to wake up at four-thirty in the morning. 

Insomnia meet Mortimer.  Mortimer, this is Insomnia.

Now I am doing laundry, trying to get my clothes clean that I want to wear on Thanksgiving (actually, I stepped out to the nearby launderette since our dryer squeaks and I didn't want to incur the wrath of my psycho-mate). 
Today should be another busy one and tonight is usually a good night in the industry.  Everyone likes to get a bit plastered before they go to see their families on the holiday.

Miss Patti is on her way, time to get ready and meet her for breakfast and then post this entry! 

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