10 October 2012

Memo To Self: Get A Life (Originally Published 9 Jan 2009)

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Another day, another run through the routine that has become my life. Read any past entry and you could write this yourselves.  Brittany’s, Art of Flowers (where you should get all your floral needs) to update my journal, a brief stop at Goodwill and then home and it’s only..ten thirty.. in the morning.  What the hell am I going to do for the rest of the bloody day?  
I read The Press of Atlantic City during breakfast and marveled at our new mayor’s little speech detailing our fair city’s new “fiscal responsibility”.  This from a man who has appointed less than qualified persons to positions that have long been vacant and are, in a word, needless.  An example of good ol’ ....Atlantic City.... politics as usual. The odd thing was, he made this little speech at the MCBA (Midtown Citizens Business Association) meeting which was honouring Becky, who owns the flower shop.  It’s yet another honour to put on her desk/hang on her wall.  She is truly an angel, though, and deserves accolade she gets.  Mayor Langford did surprise Becky with a little preamble before his speech touting her accomplishments, complimenting her by saying that ....Atlantic City.... would be a far better place if there were more people like her living here.  
.. ..
Here!  Here!  
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But, his little speech took Becky by surprise because he’s not really one of her (or my) favourite mayors of late.  Will wonders never cease?
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Tonight I get to work a double, from ..four o’clock.. in the afternoon until ..four o’clock.. in the morning.  Hopefully it will be busy, I need a cash infusion in a hurry.  My monthly mobile bill came due!  That’s something I need to smack the fuck out of dear Super Chunk about.  For years, YEARS!, I resisted the call of the mobile phone.  Even though I am a tech-nerd, I don’t really like that people can get a hold of you instantly.  I am not that important.  Believe me.  So, when dear Chunketta decided to purchase a cellular phone for me one Christmas, I barely used the damn thing.  But there it sat in my bag/pocket/hand ready for me to use, insinuating itself into my life slowly, surely, compleatly.  A lot like cancer. So now I find that I can’t live without the damn thing!  It’s one of those things that once you get it, you can never really get rid of it.  Like cancer.
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I suppose it’s time to get ready.  Now that I’m getting sleepy (I just ate Dinty Moore chicken and dumplings, which was delish!).  I think I’ll take a walk down the world famous ....Atlantic City.... boardwalk and stop in to see Lance at The Continental, I haven’t been by there in a bit.  
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See you at the Westside!

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