09 October 2012

Another Day Along The Way (Originally Published 28 Apr 2008)

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I just got off the phone with Gidget who gave me the rundown on the madness of last night.  Evidently, our resident puta (Spanish: whore, slut, Big Jose) is at it again.  Seems there was an altercation with a former boytoy and all hell broke loose.  If this keeps up, we'll have to shut our doors.  We can't keep flagging his former paramours, there won't be anyone left in town allowed to come in to the Westside Lounge!

I kid, of course.

Not by much, though.

Beyond that, another change that happened at the club is the addition of another night of revelry and mayhem.  I am now bartending our Latin American Idol contest on Monday nights.  It's a Karaoke contest where the monthly winner gets to record their song in a professional studio. Not a bad prize, if I say so myself!  Our first night had a decent turnout and I think this might end up being a good night.  Then again, I could be wrong.  My prescient abilities seem to have left me and I can no longer tell which way the winds of our customer's whims will blow.  We did have a group of lesbians who came in and each of them were excellent singers.  One small problem, none were Spanish.  Actually, there was only one Spanish-speaking singer the entire night aside from the host.  I am determined to learn a Spanish language song to contribute to event although I would be barred from the contest since I work there.  No problem. 
In other news, seems Jesse's girl is getting the cold mobile.  Over the last two weeks, the text messages have dwindled to nothing, the late night phone calls have dried up, essentially; I am being ignored.  It's bound to happen, bi-island relationships are a bitch and there are far more beautiful fish in his pond to choose from than to have to troll down here in my backwaters.  I guess his ex was right when he referred to me as his "little ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Atlantic City fuck".  Love 'em and leave 'em, that's me.         
Another pot of shit that I have stirred up has to deal with our cleaner person that works at our club.  Evidently, it's perfectly fine for him to come in and do practically nothing whilst we stand in filth.  No biggie, I guess that's how they want things run around there at the Westside. Who cares if your employees have to work in these dirty conditions? Well, I care, since I am one of those employees.  I have been pulling the mats up and to be cleaned on a closer-to-daily basis than the once a week (not!) that the cleaner says he does them.  Now I am the one in trouble for trying to keep things clean for the bar, staff and customers.  I guess I was wrong.
A special shout-out to Ed: Thanks for doing his job.  You shouldn't have!  HE should!  You are a good person. 
Beyond that, I am totally in love with Captain Jack on "Doctor Who" on the Sci fi channel.  He's quite cheeky.  I like cheeky!
The beautiful weather has turned foul recently.  We have rain, thunderstorms, chill, dampness.  It's like a physical manifestation of my mood.  I like it!
I think it's time I go out into these saturnine skies, get me something to eat and find me a life worth living.

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