09 October 2012

Like A Fiddle (Originally Published 25 Mar 2008)

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After that madness, my weekend began!  Thursday was Karaoke night and we had a great turnout.  I sang, as usual, and the night went well financially, which I needed desperately.  Of course, Jose was late which was expected but not too late and I was able to get home at a reasonable hour and get up to get things together for my show with Miss Patti.  Ahh…the best laid plans of drag queens and their dressers!  I had every intention and the drive and gumption.  Miss Patti, on the other hand, was incommunicado for the duration, for whatever reason, and I got nothing done that needed to get done.  Now, before a certain someone criticizes me about my "lack of preparation", I can’t sew.  I needed Miss Patti to make an outfit for a specific number I had learned but, since she didn’t get up or finish the jacket, I was stuck.  I was standing in my walk in closet with a bed looking over my music selections when I hit a theme; all Madonna remakes!  Then the show fell together and off I went to the club to get ready.  The show was very good and well attended, I was a happy chappy by the end.  Oh, I utilized my new hair throughout the entire show.  I figured that since it was hot pink, I might as well show it off!
I had gotten a text message from Tara to come and see her at Babes Gentleman’s Club, where I used to work.  I hadn’t been there in ages so I took off my war paint and dashed over with Mary, the former shot girl from Tru/Studio Six that we nicknamed "Skeletor".  She’s annoying beyond belief!  I did not want her in tow but she caught me on my way out the door of the Westside and insisted on coming along.  Ugh, I wanted to shove her under a jitney, she wouldn’t shut the fuck up the entire time we were walking over!  I told her that I was walking in an effort to deter her from coming but it was to no avail.  She walked…and talked!  I quickly lost her in Babes, which is not easy considering how small it is but I have my ways and soon Tara, Kenny and I were off to the Irish Pub without her, thank the gods!  This is where things get hazy, after a few "car bombs" I was feeling no pain, or focus, or anything and I ended up in my bed at some point during broad daylight!
Getting up around five or six, I got myself together, got something to eat and then got ready for my marathon of work that was a happenin’ later that night! 
Normally, on Saturday’s, I have a barpartner but Lee had off for the evening and Jose decided not to work in her place.  It ended up being rather busy, not too much for me to handle but nice and busy, keeping me moving all night. 
That is, until the end of the night when I wanted to murder.  And the reason was all about murder!  A number of years ago, a good friend of mine was killed in Philadelphia, horribly, tragically.  According to the report, he had picked up someone from the bars up there, took him home to his flat and was duct taped up and stabbed to death on his bed.  A horrific event, to be sure and one I needn’t be reminded of. 
I was.  I was bludgeoned with this story time and again by this crazed, drunken mutual friend of my murdered friend.  She was at the Westside and I didn’t realize who she was during the night until too late.  As I was trying to shut down my bar, she was haranguing me over and over about Keith’s murder, accusing me of being non-chalant about it (because I was working and not rehashing the story with her) and that, since I know some of the people involved, I am hiding the truth about who did it.  It took every ounce of resolve not to go off on her.  I knew she was still hurting over this and she was drunk so I held my tongue but I was incensed that she would imply that I am somehow involved with this horrific act by withholding information.  Believe me, I would be screaming it from the rafters if I knew who did such a heinous act to my friend. 
We finally got her out of the club, shut down and left, watching her knocking on the front door trying to get back in as we drove away.  What an oddball!
Clearing my head, I went over to Maloney’s Uptown and began my shift there. 
I had a blast!  That’s all I can say.  I love working with Tara, we had so much fun.  Trying to figure out their system was a bit of a puzzle, especially when I couldn’t get anyone pinned down on the prices of the beer and drinks.  Luckily everyone is a bit out-of-their-minds so I just charged what I felt was fair and left it at that.  I think I got home at noon, I don’t really recall.
I woke up on Monday, totally missing out on the fireworks at the Westside concerning Lady Labelle and my manager. 
Actually, I’m glad for that since I have a feeling that if I was in the room, I would have been blamed for the entire incident. 
Other’s tell that story better than I, since I wasn’t there so, I’ll leave it to them to fill you all in. 
Next up: Mortimer gets his groove back!

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