09 October 2012

To Continue (Originally Published 17 Sep 2008)

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I made it to Brittany's Café but I didn't get much farther than that. The day was a bit sunnier and warmer than I liked so this vampire stole back to his crypt and did a few things around my bedroom.  At one point, I started playing "personal DJ" and went through a rather lengthy selection of songs that put me in a melancholy mood.  I hadn't intended to go in that direction, it just seemed to happen on it's own.  When I end up playing "I Can See Clearly Now" by Holly Cole, one of my songs I do to honour my friends who have passed away, you know I am in a "mood"!  
My cow-orker, Eddy, text messaged me about his new idea for Monday nights and I decided to go, I needed to get out of the penthouse and see some other people and get out of the funk I put myself in.  Oh, his idea is "Movie Mondays!" and I think it's rather brilliant, myself.  I got there during a lull in business so Ed and I caught up on the happenings and doings and gossip inherent in our business and people began to come in.  After a few Coronas, I was feeling better and the pre-movie episodes of the Logo Channel's gay version of Mad TV lifted my spirits. The movie we watched was "Baby Mama" with Tina Fey and a cavalcade of Saturday Night Live cast members, among others.  It was cute, not as rip-roaring fun as I expected but it made me laugh and brightened my sour mood.  Of course, there were the naysayers in the crowd, one person was adamant we watch the Philadelphia Eagles lose yet another game and the drunken friend of mine who insists on telling me the same (long, involved, pointless) story every time he sees me (for years!) even though I was clearly involved with watching the movie.  He finally got the point and moved back to his seat and I switched to a martini, coaching Ed on how I wanted it.  He did a fabulous job!
The movie ended and I sat and chatted, suddenly realizing it's closing time and Ed, being the wonderful person that he is, gave me a ride home!  I was a bit toasty by then and appreciated the gesture!
Tuesday came and I was up and immediately bored.  What to do?  What to do?  I noticed the psycho-mate ironing his things for work later that day so, I waited for his usual routine of getting his food and (literally) locking himself back into his room.  I got dressed, left the penthouse and I stopped into The Art of Flowers (where you should get all your floral needs) and checked me emails and decided to go back home.  I remembered that I had those casino chips that I never cashed in so, once psycho left for work later in the day, I threw in a load of laundry and did my home workout in the front living room.  I really pushed myself (giving the residents of the Warwick a bit of a show through the windows) and then got a shower and all the trimmings and waited for my things to dry, watching the evening news.  That was tedium, personified.  I do realize that, once again, a hurricane caused damage and loss of life to a coastal community but, once again, IF YOU LIVE IN A COASTAL COMMUNITY, THESE THINGS HAPPEN!  Same as living on a riverside flood plain.  One day, it will flood.  Trust me in this.  Or if you live in tornado alley, one day you'll end up "not in Kansas anymore".  I get a bit worked up when stupidity is involved. The fact that they are so shocked that a hurricane actually had the nerve to destroy their community/house/trailer park while they were sitting there really gets my gander up.

I digest.

My laundry done, I got my things together, looking quite fit I might add, and off I went down the boardwalk to the Taj Mahal.  This is no brief stroll, people, the Taj is almost on the other end of the island from where I live.  The sun was setting by this point and storms had moved off the coast from Delaware so the clouds out on the horizon were spectacular!  Then, as the sun set below the cloud line, it dappled the distant storm clouds with pink highlights that were stunningly beautiful! More than one person remarked on it as I was wandering through the crowds.  It was majestic to behold and I was lucky to see Mother Nature's gift.  She can be terribly cruel, as in Texas recently, or awe inspiringly beautiful, as in what I witnessed last night. 
I bumped into Nina, from Brittany's, who had her newborn with her.  It's her third boy, gods bless her, but he was so cute all snuggled up in a blanket.  All I saw of him was the little button nose and his sleepy eyes. Adorable.  Nina looked fantastic, new haircut and big ol' boobs (from the pregnancy). 
I made it down to the Taj and quickly cashed in my chips and was right back out on the boards.  I want to go into one of my infrequent descriptive entries right about now becauseas I was walking, I was writing it in my head but, a lot happened afterwards and this entry would resemble a book by the time I was done. 
I stopped into The Pier and went to the third floor restaurant level.  It was night by now and the city looked amazing through the floor-to-ceiling windows that line the entire level.  I went to The Continental to see Lance.  He manages there now and he set me up at the bar where I ordered a margarita from Manny, the cute bartender (who made a good cock…tail).  Lance wanted to know if I was hungry, I was, and I got a menu and ordered.  My entrée came out first but I didn't care, everything there is so good, the appetizer menu can double for entrées.  My pan-seared tuna with sweet soy rice was TO DIE FOR! Each morsel was a bit of heaven for my taste buds.  The baked dumplings smothered in Gruyere cheese were amazing!  I sat and chatted with a few people I knew (I seem to not be able to go anywhere without bumping into someone I know) and had another margarita.  It was time take my leave and Lance walked me out (after comping my dinner, the bastard!  Thank you, lover!), I gave him a kiss and off I went down the stairs through Caesars and into The Rainforest Café to see Meredith, whom I hadn't seen in ages (well, three days, which is ages in my world).  She was the scullery maid that day, they threw her in the kitchen to cover someone, and she was getting off soon.  I wandered down to the Westside to wait for her and she came to collect me and off we went to play "Pot-Luck Movie".  The next showing was "Burn After Reading" so that's what we saw.  It's a rather odd little flick, she hated it, I thought it was quirky.  She was tired, as was I, and she gave me a ride home where I promptly fell dead asleep, barely getting my shoes off before passing out!

Today: Mortimer will be at the Westside Lounge from six o'clock in the evening until four o'clock in the morning.  Join me for a cock…tail, or two, or three. 
See you there!

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