09 October 2012

Just To Keep You Up-To-Date (Originally Published 4 Dec 2008)

Just To Keep You Up-To-Date

I wandered through the city yesterday, under the overcast skies, all the way down to my former haunt of Virginia Avenue.  It was quite an eye-opener.  The building I grew up in is no longer there.  The storefronts all along the street sell different wares from when I lived there.  Those that were open, that is.  I was on a mission to the new (S)TD Bank in that neighborhood to cash in a few coins that were spilling over my little collection plate on my dresser.  It was overcast but the air was temperate, a good day for a nice long walk.  I began my walk back down Pennsylvania Avenue when I saw a storefront with the following printed on its door:


        Ring Bell

That's just wrong on so many levels.  No wonder they were remodeling the shop into something else.  When I made my way through the porte cochere of Trump Taj Mahal, I noticed some new, rather beautiful Christmas decorations.  Although I abhor all things Christmas (most of the time), I thought these were quite nice.  I must note that the music I was playing on my mp.3 player lent itself more to the saturnine day then to the season.  It was heavy on the Goth and gloom with a little bossa nova thrown in for spice.  Back down the boardwalk I went, ending up at The Pier once again to see Lance, who offered me a drink.  I was on a health kick, walking seven or so miles and here he is offering me alcohol!  I (surprisingly) declined and continued my way down the boards and into The Quarter at the Tropicana where I saw Dan, who was working his ass off moving merchandise to a "buyer's meet" at one of the casinos.  Through the city I went until I got to The Art of Flowers (where you should buy all your floral needs) where they were busy as hell with several dozen different centerpieces for three different functions.  Not wanting to be in the way, I quickly posted my blog entry and was off, to home and to…well…nothing.

Rather sad, no?  

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