09 October 2012

Excess Energy+Empty Pockets=Major Boredom! (Originally Published 13 Mar 2008)

Current mood:depressed

Once again, the gym is giving me problems.  It seems that I need to give them my first born, left testicle and ten percent of all the money I have made since I started gainful employment back in high school.  It’s driving me mad and I have no real recourse except to play by their rules. Evidently I need to pay the entire back monies that I owe (three months) and then sign a "Paid In Full" contract for whatever plan I want, be that a month, three months or a year (which means I have to have the money UP FRONT!).  Bollocks! 
So, unless I hit the lottery, rob a bank or have a seriously good weekend, I won’t be going to the gym any time soon (read: never).

Fun times.  Good times.

Okay, I do have a chance this coming weekend to make some extra cash.  I am working at Maloney’s Uptown after hours so, if I hustle my ass (A lot!), I might just make enough coins to settle things with the Gym Nazis.

After that debacle, I had Meredith drop me off at the A&B Market and I got an Italian hoagie, salt & vinegar crisps and a Tastykake apple pie! Hey, if I can’t work it off, I’ll pack it on!  I have been watching the Star Wars saga, all six movies in sequence so, I came in, turned on my home theatre system (that’s in my "walk-in closet with a bed") and ate and ate and ate and watched the rebel alliance take on the dreaded galactic empire!  Much like the democrats will be doing this coming fall, natch!  I should be preparing for my upcoming show this Friday but I’ll do that either Thursday or during the day on Friday.  I have a new song to learn and I have to chain Miss Patti to her sewing machine to get my jacket finished in time for my show.  It should be faboo, if it ever gets done!

I’m going to transfer a few pictures that I took in the club of myself and some of our customers to a CD so Ed, our resident webmaster, can upload them to our website (www.westsideac.com).  I have been taking photos but it’s such a pain in the ass to have to do it with Becky’s computer, which’s why I haven’t uploaded anything to the AOL Café. Soon, my hot cats and cool chicks, I’ll have Internet again and all will be well!  That is unless the gods divine some further punishment for my tortured soul and I am denied that meager pleasure.

I am wired on a pot of coffee and I have NOTHING TO DO!  The laundry is done, the penthouse is relatively clean and there’s nothing to really do with myself!  I have been haunting people on MySpace using my mobile, it takes forEVER but I am bored out of my skull so, waiting for the downloads on my little phone is helping me waste some time. 

And now I just had a major brain fart!  I forgot to change the time on my television in the living room so, I am sitting there wondering why they changed the schedules of my favourite shows, and I am getting all aggravated about it!  Ugh!  I think I need to try this day all over again!

Work sucked!  Evidently I am on Miss Tene’s shit list for some reason and Joey G. was more than happy to instigate the situation.

And I call these people my friends!

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