15 August 2006

I Took The Challenge. Will You? (R)

Dear Connie has thrown down the genteel southern embroidered gauntlet in her entry: #369 I Challenge You.
I took the challenge.
I will post my essay in both Cafe locations when the time comes. Will you take up the cause?
I have just begun my research. I think this will be one of the hardest and most fulfilling things I will ever do. I can't wait.

It's Several Surveys Time!

I apologize for the lack of format halfway through but, whenever I transfer from other journals or MySpace to here, it loses all formatting and I get real over having to do it manually. And yes, I know that you have to use the little eraser icon up at the top of the "Create entry" page but, for some reason I have to do it just to put a space each and every bloody time I wish to start a new line! That sucks! Enjoy the survey anyway:

Whip out your cell...last missed call: Joey G., the lightman.

last received call: Maria, the door whore.

last call made: Lexi, the fired bartender.

last text received: Phil, the former best friend who tries to get me fired.

Current...what channel is the tv on? In eight minutes, it will be on 6.

how many IMs are up? None, I am unloved.

what song is playing? Nothing. Silence is golden right now.

what's on the computer desk? My mobile, glass of iced coffee, papers, a data converter, mouse pad, mouse, keyboard, a file holder, scrap paper for notes, plastic figurines of characters from a web cartoon called Homestar Runner.net, it's Dot Com!

favoritetype of pizza: depends on the shop.

sweatshirt that you own: Dark blue with "NAVY" on front in yellow.

extra class: I forgot, there are a lot of highschool bitches who write these damn things. Sorry, out of school.

football team: I live in the Delaware valley so it has to be the Eagles.

this or that sunrise or sunset: sunset, being a vampire, it makes sense.

pants or shorts: trousers.

spring or fall: fall.

baseball or basketball: baseball.

skiing or snowboarding: Skiing, it looks more glamorous.

real world or laguna beach: The Real World

forks or spoons: Spoons, for...well...nevermind.

beach or mountain: beach, considering I live on one!

other random what's the time? 12:01pm

what's the date? 15 August

what's the day? Tuesday

light or dark out? Light

do you own a washing machine? No, it belongs to my landlord.

do you own over 50 dvds? Hell yes.

do you own more than 5 tv sets? Hell yes.

do you own a toaster? Oven, yes.

what are you wearing? Black T-shirt, plaid boxers, glasses.

what's your favorite color? Green.

who is your idol/hero? People living with A.I.D.S.

how old are you? 29.

40 Things You Might Not Know.

1. What color is your underwear right now? Black and grey plaid.

2. What are you listening to right now?Action news on channel six.

3. what are the last 2 digits in your phone number?12

4. What was the last thing you ate?Devil's food cake with white icing.

5. If you were a crayon what color would you be?Lavender.

6. How is the weather right now?Cloudy and muggy. Not terrible.

7. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?Maria, she wanted to know when I was closing the club.

8. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?Tits

9. Favorite type of Food?Mexican.

10. Do you drink?Dahling, it's the only thing getting me through this survey.

11. Do you smoke?No.

12. Ever get so drunk you dont remember?It's the only thing getting me throught this survey.

13.What color are your eyes?Hazel.

15. Do you wear contacts?Yes.

17. Favorite Month?October.

18. Ever cried for no reason?No, there's usually a reason.

19. Last movie you watched? "Imitation of Life"

20. Favorite day of the week?Thursday

21. Are you too shy to ask someone out?No.

22. Hugs or Kisses?It's in his kiss.

23. Chocolate or Vanilla?Vanilla, like my sex.

24. Do you want your friends to respond?They wouldn't care. Neither do I.

25. Who is most likely to respond?The one who I copied this from.

26. Who is least likely to respond?Everyone else on my "friends" list.

27. What books are you reading?"Blackwood Manor"- Anne Rice.

28. PIERCINGS?Yes. Ears, nips.

29. Fav. Movie? "Dangerous Liasions"

30. Fav. baseball team?I live in the Delaware valley, the Phillies.

31. Any pets?No.

32. AIM?Yes, I have AOL.

33. Butter, Plain or salted popcorn?Salted, definitely.

34. Dogs or cats?Cats.

35. Fav. flower?Daisies.

36. Have you ever fired a gun?Yes.

37. Do you like to travel by plane as opposed to car?No.

38. Right handed or left handed?South-paw.

39. How many pillows do you sleep with?6, that's so gay.

40. Are you missing someone?Hell yes.


Q1) Given a homeless person anything? Once, my change was jingling in me pocket and bugging the hell out of me so I just gave it to the next lazy smelly alcoholic I saw. Shannon was very happy to have it. She used it for ciggys!

Q2) Spent more than $500 on a bf/gf's gift or a night out? No. Hell no.

Q3) Had sex with more than one person in a day? No. Damn. People do that? Damn!

Q4) Cheated? Yes.

Q5) Dated two people at once? No.

Q6) Actually met someone from myspace that you didn't know before? No, not MySpace but, J-land, sure.

Q7) Failed more than one class? No.

Q8) Took someone's virginity when you weren't a virgin? No. What's a virgin?

Q9) Hooked up with someone from a different race? Yes.

Q10) Ran around naked outside? Yes.

Q11) Scubadived? No.

Q12) Snorkled? No.

Q13) Dated someone you didn't want your friends to meet? Yes.

Q14) Got your stomach pumped, from alcohol poisoning? Dahling, there is no such thing!

Q15) Threw up from alcohol? What a waste!

Q16) Been suspended from school? Yes.

Q17) Kissed someone of the same sex? Being a sodomite, that comes with the orientation.

Q18) Gone Commando? Yes.

Q19) If you're a guy,let a girl paint your toenails? Whatever for?

Q20) Met someone famous? Being famous, we attract each other.

Q21) Saved someone's life? Yes.

Q22) Seen someone die? Too many.

Q23) Killed someone? Slowly. So I could savor the moment.

Q24) Been in a physical fight? Yes.

Q25) Hooked up with someone 10 yrs older or younger than you? And younger.

Q26) Been arrested? No.

Q27) Spent the night in jail? A few hours.

Q28) Been in more than three car accidents in a year? No.

Q29) Had sex outside? Yes.

Q31) Had sex in your house when your parents were home? No.

Q32) Had phone sex? Yes, and computer sex.

Q33) Been turned off by someone's personal hygiene "down there?"Yes.

Q34) Told someone you loved them when you didn't? All the time, it's how I get tipped!

Q35) Had sex somewhere in your high school? No.

Q36) Been in a porn shop? Yes. It's how I make extra money.

Q37) Had a threesome? Yes.

Q38) Spent more than one night in a hospital? Yes. With friends who were dying.

Q39) OD'd on a drug? Dahling, don't do what you can't handle.

Q40) What's your weakness? Ketel One.

Q41) Would you date a Ex gf/bf again (round 2)? In a heartbeat. The bastard!

I'm Gonna Get You! Well, maybe.

You have a 44% chance of going postal!

The chances of a killing spree in your future are pretty low. But discuss any problems you have with a therapist. Or your local barman. Talking about your feelings is very important... well, and emmasculating, but let's not talk about that.

How Likely Are You to Go Postal?
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09 August 2006

Survey Time!

1. Do you say Hi to people you dont know?
It's part of my job but, I am very friendly with strangers. Like is says in the Striesand song, "Hello stranger, goodbye friend!"
2. What is the name of the last person you kissed?
Johanna, when I said goodbye to her on Monday. Now, if we are talking "made out" kissing, then it was Sunday with this Polish guy that comes in the club.
3. Do you still talk to this person?
I will when and if I see him again.
4. Recite a line from a movie."
"No, cruelty. It has a nobler ring."
5. What movie was that from?
From Dangerous Liasions
6. Do you play by the rules?
Almost always. Until people try things. Then it's war.
7. What are you doing this weekend?
Working through our five year anniversary for Club Tru!
8. Do you complain a lot?
Only when I have inept people working with me.
9. Have you ever been to Canada?
Yes. My parents were divorcing and my Father kidnapped my sister and I and took us to the Quebec area. Which started my long hatred of all things French.
10. Do you have a good personality?
I am the most outgoing, nice, accomodating person you could meet. Until you try to fuck with me. Then, the gloves are off and watch your back.
11. What size would you say your nose is?
I perform as Barbra Striesand, what do you think?
12. What is someone's name that begins with the letter A?
13. Name someone whose plastic surgery turned out poorly.
Can we talk? Joan Rivers. One more and she'll have a pubic hair beard!
14. Have you ever performed CPR on anyone?
No, but, I have given mouth to mouth to a few boys and girls in my day.
15. Name something that falls from the sky.
Challenger astronauts.
6. Are you polite?
Exceedingly so.
17. Name a TV show or movie that impacted society.
Fahrenheit 911
18. Name a song that has the word 'baby' in it.
"Be My Baby"-The Ronetts
19. Name your favorite Walt Disney movie.
"The Little Mermaid"
20. Have you ever been scuba diving?
See the private Cafe's entry entitled "Just Call Me Sharkbait"
21. Name a profession you would NOT like to have.
22. Name someone you know with red hair.
Me, naturally
23. Name a popular DJ.
Frankie Knuckles
24. Name something white.
25. Are you better at explaining things, or performing them?
I live for the stage!
26. Have you ever been to a boxing match?
If you count the fights at the club, then yes!
27. Did you ever stutter, or have a hard time pronouncing?
You can't get me to shut up, usually. Only if I am talking to someone I think is cute.
28. Do you eat out or buy groceries more often?
Where's that take-out menu?
29. What month are many of your friends born in?
Easy, most people are born in September since most people have sex around Christmas and New Years.
30. If you could have been born a different ethnicity, which one would you have chosen?
I think Italian.
31. Name another way to say, "Perfect."
Ketel One dirty martini, up with three olives.
32. Name something you think is disgusting.
The way our national idiot uses my sexuality to divide the nation
33. What is your favorite type of soup?
34. Name something that rhymes with the word, "sunny."
35. Name a fattening food?
Ice cream
36. Name something that you are just NOT good at.
The piano
37. How many glasses of water, a day, do you drink on average?
38. How do you usually say goodbye to people?
Depends on the situation, business like it's "Have a good (time of day)", with friends it's, "Love ya!"
39. Does your license plate say anything on it?
I don't drive, dahling, I am driven.
40. Name a type of dance?
Fox trot
41. Name a type of Martini?
See #31
42. Would you rather do dishes or laundry?
43. Did you have braces?
44. Name someone you are really good friends with.
Miss Patti
45. Name something purple.
The people the one eyed, one horn, flying eater eats.
46. What is something good about getting older?
Haven't a clue.
47. And something negative?
Actually, I wouldn't know.
48. Name a song you really enjoy.
"Stomp To My Beat"
49. Name someone with the same middle name as you.
I haven't a clue.
50. Name a really good bar or restaraunt.
The Studio Six (when I bartend of course) and Los Amigos!