09 October 2012

Benefit To Work To Show (Originally Published 3 Mar 2008)

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I am going to a benefit tonight for an employee of Becky's from The Art of Flowers.  He has cancer and no insurance.  Unfortunately, I haven't a dime to my name and had to borrow a bit of coin for the ticket, from Becky herself, and she's the one heading the function.  Gods, I feel so ghetto!  I'll pay her tomorrow afternoon before I go to work, since after working tonight, I should have a bit of pocket change. 
I have to forgo the "gym problem" until Friday since I'll have no time to deal with it until then.  I did find a grand total of four receipts to help bolster my cause.  I remember deciding to just throw them away since, for the past two years, there had been no problem and I didn't think I'd need them cluttering up my room.  I hope they help.  I can't lose the gym right now, it's been my only solace in this bleak existence I have called a life for the last seven months.
Becky is going to E-file my taxes for me and did a quick calculation determining that I'll be getting a nice refund check from Uncle Sam. Combined with the "Economic Stimulus Check" that should be coming in May will make me Sam's bitch!  Whatever you want, Uncle baby, I'll do it for you!

The benefit was well attended and Becky raised a fair amount of much-needed money for John.  I ate two helpings of the buffet, I must admit, that was provided.  I couldn't help myself, the food was really good.  I rang the Westside Lounge and decided to go in a bit early so, I put on my denim jacket and fashionable brown overcoat and decided to walk straight there instead of going home to change, since I had put a T-shirt to wear in my shoulder bag.  The walk was a bit windy but the temperatures hadn't dropped that far yet so the trip wasn't too bad.  I got to the club and sat and chatted with Cathy, the day bartender who I love, and had a cocktail.  I got changed out of my white button-down shirt and polka-dot tie and set about to work for the evening, which was steady, if not all that profitable.

I couldn't sleep again and I was up early after shutting the club and going home just several hours before.  I did a few things around the penthouse and then went to get something to eat at Brittany's Café and talked to Nina, the waitress, about her coming to see me on Friday night for the Café.  After brunch, I went to see Becky again and give her the money I owed her for the ticket to the benefit.  I hung around the flower shop for a bit and then hopped on a jitney and went back to the club to open it up for the day.  It was slow, of course, because it's February and made even more so when the Karaoke was canceled.  Miss Patti came by and measured me for a new outfit, since my back is much bigger from working out and the material she was using for the floor-length jacket was rigid and would not stretch or give.  I went home to get some much-needed sleep since my insomnia had kept me up for days and days.

I managed to get in a full day's rest but only intermittently.  I got up and got everything together to open the Café on Friday but I had to rearrange my entire show because Patti didn't finish the jacket, which was integral to the show I had planned.  I decided the theme was now going to be "Jazz/Velvet" meaning all of my songs were in a jazz vein and my outfits were velvet or lush velour.  Most people don't realize that I almost always have a theme running through my show, sometimes it's major, like the music or outfits and sometimes it's subtle, like wearing a flower broach or a hat with each outfit.  Hey, it makes me happy so I do it.  I got to the club and began to get ready, gossiping with my guest performers and the fans that barge into the dressing room.  It was rather busy considering the weather was so miserable, with the threat of rain and snow, and the winds and chill in the air.  After spackling on the make-up, I went to begin dressing and went to put on my foundation garments realizing they were still hanging on my clothes rack in my "walk-in closet with a bed" I call my room.  Miss Patti was on her way so, I met her out in front and we dashed home, with the other drivers we went by looking at me rather curiously since I looked quite odd with a full face of drag make-up and boy clothes on.  Once back to the club, I quickly got finished getting ready and started the show, which I could tell right away was going to be a good one.  My first number was "Killer Blow" by Sade from the Absolute Beginners soundtrack.  Not really what I consider an opening number but it seemed to work and I got a great response from the crowd. 

I must confess something at this point: During the show, I do a toast for luck and drink an entire cock…tail down in one gulp.  It's a gimmick I stole from another performer of yesteryear but that's not what I am confessing.  Stealing each other's acts is a long-standing tradition in showbusiness.  Well, I noticed that I had spilled some of my drink on the dance floor as I was announcing my first guest but I thought little of it and went back to get ready for my next number.  Then it happened. Poor Alexia Love went out in a flurry of sequins and heels and WHOOSH hit the wet spot and went right down on her ass, wig flying and eyelashes shuttering!  I felt so bad, although secretly giggling because it's funny and I knew she recovered well, she is pro and it's something we all have faced at one time or another.  I didn't mention that it was my fault until now. 
Sorry Alexia, it wasn't sabotage!  Honest!

The rest of the show went off without a hitch and I finally went home when the club shut. 

The rest of the weekend was okay, not gang-busters but decent, I think everyone on the island is getting really antsy and wants this season to be done so we can get back to fleecing the shoobies and not each other.  I made an appearance at Maloney's Uptown and went home and slept all through Sunday.  That was a nice treat. 

Today: Fight with the gym and hopefully get a workout in and then work, Jose rang me up and asked me to cover his shift.  No problem.  I could use the extra shift pay.  Time to go out and about, it's a gorgeous day and I want to take advantage of it!
I just got back from Brittanys Cafe and it was so sweet, Nina took care of my check for me.  She so enjoyed what she saw of the show she just wanted to show her appreciation!  How sweet!

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