09 October 2012

Dinner And A Show! (Originally Published 24 Dec 2008)

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(Note: The following took place last week)

My boss took me out to dinner and a show last Sunday.  We went to The Continental to eat and to see Lance.  Everything was superb, from the appetizers to the dessert.  I had the cheese steak egg rolls, which were delicious as usual.  The Continental is famous for them.  Gidget had the ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Kobe sliders, medium rare.  Quite tasty.  We both had the pan seared tuna for dinner with mushroom risotto and I got a side of wasabi mashed potatoes, which were magnificent.  Just enough kick!  I couldn't pass up dessert (he was paying!  Thanks Gidget!  Love you!) so we shared the carrot cake a la mode.  It was probably the moistest, fluffiest carrot cake I've ever had! 
Before we left, I wandered over to say hullo to Manny, the nice bartender whom I have chatted with on numerous occasions and I was taken aback by his cold shoulder.  He wasn't downright rude, per se, just a tad less warm than usual.  I simply shrugged it off and Gidget and I said our good-byes walked down the boards to the Tropicana Hotel and Casino to see the holiday show.   

"GASP!" you say, "Mortimer at a 'holiday show'!?!"

Yes, hot cats and cool chicks, I went to see my favourite French Canadians sing carols about my least favourite holiday.  The singing/dancing troupe is back with their annual holiday extravaganza and this is their last week before trekking back to the great white north. 
I saw some of the boys last weekend at the Westside and promised that I'd come see them before they left.  I'm glad I did, the show was very cute and schmaltzy, just the way I like it!  Vincent's new short blonde locks were very becoming and he did more aerial acrobatics, this time on a big spinning cube.  My heart was in my throat the whole time he was up there!  The "Dancing Rudolphs" number was painful, I must say. The costumes were laughable, these faux antler hats with these little tail tufts on their asses were not cute.  I most enjoyed the "Frosty" number, the boys looked so cute dancing around in the snowman costumes. Justin's solo song stole the show, though.  He's got a great operatic voice. 

We hopped in a taxi after the show and went to the Westside where I had to go over the paperwork for the new liquor control system we're installing.  It's all bullocks!  But it's what we have to do so, I dutifully sat there and went over what needed to be done and made my suggestions (and concerns) known in a professional and courteous manner.

Whilst inside I was thinking, "Bugger this whole bloody thing!"

I ended up sitting there getting tipsy and Gidget was kind enough to give me a lift back to the penthouse once the club shut. 

At home, I took a few Tylenol PM's and off I went to slumberland, sleeping the sleep of the dead for many more hours than I'd care to admit.  I guess my body needed it. 

Tuesday found me up and at 'em but with nowhere to go and nothing to do it with.  "Poor" was the word of the day and I knew every nuance of that humbling phrase.  Miss Patti was kind enough to buy me lunch if I met her at the local McDonalds, which is in The Walk shopping area, not exactly close to my penthouse.  I hurried to get dressed in my new self-imposed uniform of a shirt, tie and vest and threw on my raincoat and off I went, slogging through the rain for a mile or so since I couldn't afford the bloody Jitney fare.  She walked up and in we went, ordering our meals and sitting down at the window to watch the passers by.  While we talked, I realized that Delio and I sat in those same seats once, long ago, back when he was on his cookie binge.  Just the kind of memory to have on such a cold and miserable day.  I quickly put those thoughts out of my head and finished up my food.  I walked Miss Pooh to the Jitney stop (she slipped a few bucks into my vest, too sweet) and off she went to work and I went up to The Pier to sit at the picture windows and read my latest book, "The Confession" by our former governor, Jim McGreevey.  It's a bit whiny where the whole "woe is me and my scaredy-cat closeted self" is concerned but when he talks about the inner workings of New Jersey politics, that's bloody fascinating! Evidently, our entire state is corrupt!

Damn right!

After finishing a few chapters, I saw Lance once again and he told me that yes, indeed, I was getting the cold shoulder from the staff!  Well I'll be!  I guess I'm persona-non-grata there for the time being.  I'll have to make amends, somehow. 

Today is one week before that glorious holiday of GIFT WRAPPED GUILT (you call it "Christmas" I believe) so I am not expecting it to be all that busy at the club tonight.  All the little elves will be shopping and caroling and mulling wine and egg-nogging and such. 


So, if you have a hankering for a cock…tail or two (or three or four) come to the Westside tonight and I'll show you the spirits of Christmas past, present and future! 

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