09 October 2012

One Last Thing Before Next Time (Originally Published 21 Nov 2008)

Last night, as I wrote that last entry, I watched more movies!  "Soap Dish", which I forgot how bloody funny it was, "Gentleman Prefer Blondes", which was (and still is) a great movie, and I attempted "Casablanca", a movie I have never seen, but the copy seems to be corrupted.  I couldn't get it to play on my VCRs.  I then ate dinner (leftover pasta) and contemplated going out.

I took a Valium and went straight to bed.  I slept the sleep of the dead!

Today I am supposed to meet Miss Patti if she's not otherwise engaged with house hunting, which is far more important.  I will be happy to finally take a shower.  As usual, I neglected to do so on my days off and I am a bit ripe at the moment.  Let's see, it's Wednesday morning and the last time I bathed was Saturday afternoon. 
Yeah, a bit ripe!
Time to go and post these on my MySpace blog and see about finding my AOL blog and transferring it to Blogger. 
Wish me luck! 

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