10 October 2012

So This Was Christmas (And New Year’s Eve And…) (Originally Published 7 Jan 2009)

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Hated it!

Well, not that much, I did get to work on Christmas Eve, which was surprisingly busy and I made a bit of money. 

Ahh…work, I totally forgot. 

Hate it!

We got a new liquor control system.  Or as I call it, the "Gulag Alcoholika"!  It's an arcane, vicious system, which denies the populace of Isle Absecon and the surrounding provinces of their rightful due, their God given gift, their need, their distilled grain, their liquid inebriation.  It's a hateful day, my friends, when the citizens of the world are prohibited from worshiping in the manner with which they have given their gods homage for millennia!  When they can't walk into their local gay tavern and have a DECENT BLOODY COCKTAIL!

There, I have said it.  Our new system sucks, big time, and I am not a happy homo!  Neither are the customers.  I don't care what my manager says, these people are not happy alcoholics.  It's not as if they are going to complain to him the way they complain to me.  Fine.  It's their toys.  I am only there to play with them by their rules.  Fine. 

But I don't have to like it. 

What I did like was the Christmas bonus I received from the owner.  Get this, I worked at the Studio Six for decades and never, EVER got a bonus!  Here, it's been a little over the year and viola, little festive greenbacks for the holiday.

Speaking of the holiday, again, my penthouse is still festooned with all manner of decoration.  Every square inch of this place is covered with some sort of Christmas hell.  It offends my sensibilities as a fabulous (yet understated) gay man.  It's heinous.  It's garish.  It's got to go!  And the psychomate is still decorating.

Crazy, party of one!  Crazy, party of one!

New Year's Eve fell on a Wednesday and that usually splits the holiday, which it did this year.  It wasn't as busy as usual, although I heard different reports throughout the city about the different hot-spots.  I forget, sometimes, that people don't always have the same perspective as I do.  One good gauge is the local taxi driver.  According to them, the entire city was slower than expected.  We ended up shutting the Westside around five o'clock and piled into a taxi and went over to Déjà vu.  I pulled a bit of a joke on everyone, though.  When they all got out, I told the driver to take me home!  Yep, that's right, New Year's Eve ended comparatively early for little ol' me!  And I was glad of it.  I just didn't feel like celebrating. 

Come Friday, I did my routine, Brittany's then Art of Flowers (where you should get all your floral needs) and I was back home at nine o'clock in the morning.  It' was too early to do anything of consequence.  So, I sat on my bed, watching a movie I've seen too many times and bored out of my mind.  I contemplated sleep but that was out of the question.  I was full of coffee and antsy not to mention I had had off the day before. Suddenly, I remembered what it is I do when I am bored. 

I do something to my hair!

I got up, threw on my dye-stained T-shirt and jumped on a Jitney to the House of Hair.  Shock and horror, she was shut!  I began walking back home and rang her up, she was on her way to the salon and would ring me to tell me if she had an appointment open.  I decided to troll around the Goodwill store which opened right in my neighborhood and picked up a few books on monograms and lettering as well as a the crusades and the American Revolution.  She called and I dashed back to the shop and told her what I wanted and an hour or so later, I was back to blonde and it looks fabulous!  I still have the Hitler Youth haircut but now with the blonde locks, I really fill the part.  Achtung!

I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all of which were steady if not overly busy.  I took a few wonderful constitutionals around the city, taking some amazing shots of the clouds and ocean and skyline (and me, natch!) and if I can get it to work, I'll post them on my MySpace page.

I am currently reading Blood Accusation, a true story about the murder of a Christian boy in Russia in 1911 and the state's assertion that it was a ritual murder by a brickmaker named Mendel Beliss who used the boy's blood for Jewish rituals.  It's a fascinating look into hate and bigotry and the corruption of the Russian judicial system.   

Just a little light reading.    

Time to so…something.  It's miserable out and it's not even nine o'clock in the morning.  I have a long day ahead of me. 

Oh, and the Studio never reopened.  I don't believe it ever will.   

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