09 October 2012

Tuesday Or Bust (Originally Published 28 May 2008)

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It was a bust.  Well, not really.  I had very generous customers, tip wise, but I rang nearly nothing during my shift.  So it's Mortimer-One, Club-Nothing. 
There was one gentleman (and I use THAT term loosely) who came in and began his litany of compliments.  He gets trashed and begins to tell me all about myself, how hot I am, how masculine my profile is, which is nice to begin with…that is…until it never stops.  And on top of it, he claims to be a psychologist.  The things he tells me makes me wonder where the hell he practices and why he still has a license!  I could NOT WAIT for Ed to come in and relieve me.  I beat it out of there like a hooker after getting paid!  I usually stay and gossip with Ed but I was not going to deal with Dr. Freak. 

I have been ravenous.  The last two days I have been eating like a starving pregnant woman.  On steroids.  I am too embarrassed to list everything I ate over the last few days.  It's actually sickening to think back on the hoagie and chips, the pasta, the salad that I ate after six at night on Monday and then the leftover pasta for breakfast, the leftover salad a bit later, the egg salad sandwich and soup at Brittany's, the three soft hot pretzels, the three chicken fajitas, the rice and refried beans, the ice cream cone, the V-8 and a few other things I forgot.  No, I won't list them here.  It's embarrassing!

My psycho-mate has threatened me once again.  This time over the squeaking dryer, which wasn't my fault but in his deranged world, I can do no right.  Even if it's just doing laundry.  I love that I have to live like this.  I'm about to take a bat to his fool head. 

It's morning.  I got very sleepy whilst writing this entry and went to bed. 
I am meeting Miss Patti at the Irish Pub for brunch in about an hour or so.  I can't wait.  She's been so busy with her new junker, I haven't seen her much. 

Time to shower, put on my sunblock three thousand and wander uptown.  It's a beautiful day.

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