09 October 2012

Sophie's Choice (Originally Published 18 Jun 2008)

Current mood:distraught


Once again, life threw me a curve ball and this time I have a very hard decision to make. 
Delio is in trouble.  Serious trouble.  Scar came to me last night on his behalf and asked for my help.  Scar laid out everything, it was a proverbial mind-fuck and I am at odds as to what to do.  It all stems back to certain situations that happened when we worked together at the Studio Six.  I have barely slept, even after taking several PM medications. 
After everything he did to me, do I come to his aid?  After he left me broken and shattered on a cement floor of a bar, in a pool of my own blood and with a broken nose and a concussion, do I attempt to save him or allow things to take their course and let karma do it's thing?  After the lies, the deceit, the anger, the pain, the pain, the pain that he caused me, what am I to do?!?
What should I do?

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