09 October 2012

Marathon (Originally Published 17 Sep 2008)


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I had another lengthy evening/morning/afternoon this weekend.  Things started off well enough at the Westside.  Our Saturdays have been off. It seems Friday and Sunday are the nights everyone attends and of course, I work on Saturdays.  That being said, it wasn't too bad a night. There were some of our lesbian sisters there fresh from celebrating a commitment ceremony.  They were very sweet and it was nice to see some love around me for a change.  Some good friends came by to see the drag show and we had a nice turnout.  The fifty-dollar tip from one of my customers certainly helped make the night better!  We usually shut the back bar by three o'clock in the morning but we were busy enough to stay open until our usual four o'clock closing time.  Which didn't help me, I had told Déjà vu I'd be there at three and by the time I got Joey the Hatt to pack up his…props and whatnot I finally got there around four-thirty.  Which wasn't too bad, things were just getting under sway and I jumped right in.  I was far more comfortable working there than the last time and having a limited selection of items actually helps.  It got very busy during the night and I was quite surprised.  Tara and I worked our collective asses off and we had fun as well.  Too much fun, actually! 
I think we shut there around eleven and by the time we counted our tips and such, it was noon.  So, what did we responsible young peoples do?  Go home to bed?  Attend church?  Why no!  Don't be silly!  We went to the Borgata's "B" Bar where we created quite a stir, all of us still in club gear, pretty toasty and quite loud.  A bit much for the gray-haired set that usually attends a casino on Sunday afternoon.  We sat there drinking and carousing, making this very hot straight boy show us his body.  He was quite accommodating and it was very nice!  Once the show was over, we all began to wind down and I was beginning to feel the affects of being up and working since eight o'clock the night before.  I asked them to give me a lift home and I literally crawled up the steps to my cave and collapsed on my bed.  I think I woke up around four in the morning and had a little food and took care of some bodily functions.  I couldn't sleep so I put in the Harry Potter collection and began watching them backwards, starting with the last movie and ended up falling asleep by the time I got to "The Prisoner of Azkaban".  Today I plan on Brittany's Café and then a wander down to the Taj Mahal.  I have a few chips to cash in that I got as a tip last week. 

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