09 October 2012

Playing Catch-Up! (Originally Published 13 Nov 2008)

Playing Catch-Up!

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Autumn has come to my little island, taking the lush green out of the trees and giving us the glorious colours of fall.  Red and yellow and brown leaves rustle in the branches of the trees above my head as I wander through the city.  A slight chill in the breeze has the opposite intended effect, instead of making me feel cold, I am warmed by the change of seasons, it reminds me of all the things I love about this time of year and those thoughts make me feel good, comfy, cozy.  Things like the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, the lack of those maddening shoobies crawling all over my island and, most importantly, the end of the election season.
Recently I woke to what I believe is the best news I have heard in quite a long time. 
Barak Obama is our President-Elect!
The reign of our national idiot is soon over and a new day has dawned upon our lands! 
A beautiful new day. 
This was quite an election season, with Pennsylvania being a "battleground state" and my island contained within their television market area, I was inundated with advertisements hawking one or the other candidate, which only got more vicious during the last few days, with Mr. McCain dredging up all sorts of distasteful things.  It's heartening to see that America voted on the content of Mr. Obama's character instead of the fear mongering of the Republican machine. 
Maybe, just maybe, they got the message; run on your merits, not your opponents perceived weaknesses.

The AOL Overlords can suck my dick!
That's right.  I said it.  I haven't been online in a while and now I find out they summarily shut down the journals. Thank you.  End of story.  Good-bye.  I hope to hell that I can salvage it when I get near a computer and can spend more than a few minutes getting it transferred to wherever they recommend. 
I hope it's not too late.
The Westside turned one year old this past weekend!  Woohoo!  We had a monster turnout and I want to personally thank everyone for their support over this most important year! 
Thank you!

Halloween came and went and found me coming out of retirement for just one night.  I couldn't miss hosting the Gay High Holiday!  Our theme was "The Wicked Witch of the Westside" and I was, you guessed it, the Wicked Witch of the West!  Miss Patti made the outfit, an exact replica of the one Margaret Hamilton wore in the Wizard of Oz and I had the green make-up as well.  We dressed her boyfriend up in the doorman's uniform and he kept declaring, "Who rang that bell?" all night. Halloween was another successful night and I was glad I performed.  Nearly everyone dressed up!

Remind me to tell you about what happened after the show!

Time to get ready and meet Miss Patti at Brittany's Café! 

Back to Halloween: I finished getting changed and collected my pittance and went back into the dressing room to tidy up and make sure everything was packed when there was a knock on the door.  The bouncer was there begging me to wait on customers.  I told him the bartender would be back, he has a tendency to wander, and to just wait.  Well, evidently, it had been quite some time since anyone was behind the bar so, being the dutiful employee that I am, I went behind the bar thinking, "It'll only be a few minutes."
Two hours later, I was still serving cocktails!
Gods know what happened but the Mortimer Curse came into effect at the end of the night.  The last three customers were on their way out of the door when suddenly, they begin fighting, through the bloody doorway, and it spilled back into the club!  Of course!  Next thing I know, barstools are being hoisted, people are on the floor, it was a hot mess!

I kept saying, "I'm not supposed to be here!" over and over again!
I finally got everyone out and shut, without having to ring the constables.  Thank the gods!  That would have been another two hours of paperwork out of my life!
The owner of the club took us out on Election Day (we shut the club that day) to the Library III, a quaint little eatery that specializes in steaks.  It's a rather unique place where you give your order to the chef personally. I actually had the stuffed flounder, I was feeling fishy, and let me tell you, it was dee-lish!  Afterwards, we went to the cinema where I kept announcing the election returns every few minutes until Mr. Obama won. 
We saw "Quarantine".  It was like "The Blair Witch Project" only in an apartment building.
Over the past month or so I've been going through my insomnia again, getting three hours of sleep a night.  It's bizarre, walking around in a perpetual fog all the time.
Time to get ready for work.  The psycho-mate has been off all week and it's driving me mad.  At least he took down the fifteen million Halloween decorations that he had strewn about the penthouse that only he and I saw.  Why he insists on doing this is beyond me.  It's not like he has a friend, any friend, to come over and enjoy (inflict?) the tackiness!

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