09 October 2012

From Glorious Cause To Hopeless Cause! (Originally Published 19 May 2008)

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I am reading a book called "The Glorious Cause", it's a fictionalized account of the American Revolution.  Quite a ripping read, if I do say so myself.  I just finished a passage concerning Benjamin Franklin's efforts on behalf of the Continental Congress to secure funds from King Louis of ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />France.  He was rebuffed since General Washington had lost several battles in New Jersey and recently lost the capitol, Philadelphia (this is right before the infamous winter quarters atValley Forge).  The writer of the book, Jeff Shaara, wrote so eloquently about Franklin's failure (he is one of my favourite founding fathers) that it brought a tear to my eye!  He based his writings on the personal letters of those involved and the historical record so the book is quite accurate in it's retelling of this well-known history, even if it's fictionalized.  I guess living in the areas involved all my life also gives me more of a connection to these events.  I have been to many of the places where the battles took place, sometimes unknowingly.  For example, around Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, where I have been shopping at a local mall, was the site of the Battle of Brandywine.  I was always very solemn when going through Washington Park in Old City, the area of Philadelphia where Independence Hall and most of the pre-Revolutionary buildings reside.  The park covers the bodies of those men who fought and died in that glorious cause for independence from English rule.  Although few people know this when they wander through that beautiful tree-filled area, I was always cognizant of that fact and said a silent prayer of thanks to those brave men who died for our (then) new country.

Memorial Day is coming, I guess that's what prompted the above. 
I haven't had a mobile for over a week.  I am too poor to pay for it.  It's my own fault, I guess.  In some ways, I have consistently lived the life-style that I had grown accustomed to when I worked at the Studio Six. Working there was akin to a gold mine, on occasion, and I was used to a finding a rich vein of the gold every now and then and lived accordingly. Not that I am slagging the Westside Lounge but, our crowd is halved, we don't have the straight crowd we used to get at the Studio Six.  Therefor, ergo, forthwith, I make far less than I used to.  Couple that with the tanking economy and our less-than-ideal location, my increase in rent since La Chunk left (and my psycho-mate's freakout, which upped it even more) I think you get the point.  Mortimer is one po mutha!  So, for the time being, I am incommunicado.  AND IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY! Those that know me know that I fought and hemmed and hawed the idea of having a mobile.  I didn't want people to be able to get a hold of me so instantly and I really held off on having one for a long, long time. Now…I am going completely mad without it!  And so is everyone else, it seems.  My email and MySpace is filled with messages telling me how people can't get a hold of me.  Well, people, if you're reading this, now you know.  If anyone out there is willing to lend me some coins, I will happily apply said monies to my mobile phone and you can once again bother me in real-time.


Hopefully my much-vaunted Economic Stimulus Check and my state income tax refund check will be coming in soon and I'll be back in business with my bills and whatnot.  It's the waiting that's killing me (and my landlord, natch!). 

I have been watching "Clean House" on the Style Network.  I wish, Wish, WISH they filmed outside of the Los Angeles area.  I know somebody that needs their services, badly!  I won't mention any names (Miss Patti, my psycho-mate, Chunkie and well…me, to an extent) but I love watching the show and it gives me ideas.  Although they sell their items in a yard sale, I may open an eBay account and get rid of a few of my gowns (and accoutrements) through there.  I don't think my neighborhood is that full of cross-dressing aficionados or hookers, the only two people that may be even remotely interested in my rather flashy garments, to warrant a yard sale.  Especially with the Warwick building across the street.  Those wonderful people would freak the fuck out!  They took pictures of the garbage and recyclables that blew around during a major windstorm and threatened to go to the city about the mess.  The woman who did it was screaming at me as she snapped her little camera.  That was a fun day.  I was trying to explain to her the concept of "act-of-God" but she wasn't buying it.  So, I don't think I want my personal "garbage" strewn all over the front pavement…with price tags attached!

It's time to take this little entry down to the flower shop (the Art of Flowers, where you should purchase all your floral needs) and upload it to my Café (and my MySpace journal).  The weather is changing, again. This morning, it was sunny and warm, much different than yesterday with the torrential rains but now, it's suddenly overcast and rather chilly. The wind chime in my window is clattering on overtime!  I also lost two of my favourite glass pieces yesterday with the storms when they were blown off the windowsill.  They were vintage green glass Coca-Cola bottles, the big ones that held sixteen ounces.  They came down with a crash on top of each other. 

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