08 February 2011

First Posted 9 January 2008

We’re Having A Heatwave A Tropical Heatwave!

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Well, it's nine-thirty in the morning and I am up and at 'em. It promises to be a beautiful balmy January day. We are going through a heat wave (in winter) and it may top out over seventy degrees today. I can't wait! I am going to take a nice long walk along the ocean. I haven't done that in a while. I am loving global warming! LOVING IT!

I went to the gym last night. Meredith and I went, and I showed her the machines and how to do a light workout. She kept insisting that she needs more cardio but I told her that building a little muscle goes a long way in fat burning. I made her do very light weights but, I have a feeling I'll be hearing from her soon, complaining about the pain (wimp). She was a trooper but I am thinking she may not keep up with it, as she should. I told her to go in the morning, before work and do a treadmill run to get her going. I got a great workout in. My goal is to look good by Wednesday next. I intend to go to the Pool Bar at Harrah's Casino and drink and swim the night away. It's a new promotion party called "Sin" and I want to have a night of just that! I do work on Wednesdays but I think Jose owes me one and I am going to take off and let him work, or just go in a little later than usual. I just hope that Delio won't be there. I don't really go anywhere in the city because I don't want to run into him.

I don't want to write the next line because I am afraid I will jinx myself by saying this but I am so glad I have off today (and yesterday). I worked so much over the holidays, most of the time not making that much money that I need this little sabbatical to recharge my batteries. I do love the new place, it's very comfortable and I enjoy working there but it's just like anything, I guess, too much of a good thing and you get a bit worn out. When the owner rings you and says, "Maybe we should call the place 'Mortimer's Bar and Lounge'!" you know that you've been working too many shifts.

I recounted an incident in my show that happened to me recently. The other day, I had to shut the club, as Jose had already left. The patrons that were left were a bit concerned about me and offered me a ride home but I demurred and sent them on their way. I am a big boy now and I grew up in the city, I don't need someone to hold my hand to cross the streets anymore. I took my time closing the club, making sure everything was shut off, cleaned up and ready for the next shift (which was I, by the way). I set the alarm and left, deciding that although it was a bit chilly, I'll just walk to the jitney stop and save the money I'd normally spend on a taxi. I began walking along the Convention Center, which is rather dark but, I saw that a cop car was parked up ahead, facing the Rescue Mission and I could also see that there wasn't a soul around, I'll just make my way to the jitney stop and go home, no problem. Well, I get closer to the cop car and I can't tell if someone was in there, it's so dark in that area. I get closer and realize that yes, someone is in there, probably the cop taking a nap or something.

It was something. Believe me, it was something.

I get a bit closer and realize that he's moving, rather rhythmically. "Umm," I thought, "what's he doing in there?" As I get closer and closer, I realize EXACTLY what he's doing.

He was playing with his…umm…"night stick", ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo!

By this time, I was too close to him and couldn't turn around without drawing attention to myself, obviously by the attention his "stick" was still getting he didn't know I was walking up. I just did what any good citizen would do, I kept walking, looking up at the pretty stars as I went by.

Boy, oh boy, am I glad I didn't take that ride home! It gave me a great monologue for my show last Sunday!

Officer down, do you need help to get back up!?

I lost two friends over the Christmas holiday. Nick, a friend of mine from the club, died on Christmas Eve on vacation in Florida. The details are sketchy but he died in a hot tub. Quite honestly, I never thought those warning signs that you see next to them were to be believed. Now I do.

My other friend who passed away was a minor celebrity, Pudgy, the comedienne. She was akin to Don Rickles, the insult comedian. She was in town a few years ago and came with the cast from her show to see the Café at the club. I remember being so nervous having her in the audience. I am going to miss her. I know that she is up there telling the angels all about themselves, taking a few feathers out of their wings and making them laugh the entire time.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Time to get ready and go…go…GO!

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