08 February 2011

First Posted 30 January 2008

Other Than That…

Current mood:depressed

I sat home, on Monday night, and decided that I needed to go to the gym. Meredith and I made plans and I took my day to do laundry and such, made my bed, the usual things one does when one does not have off for a week or so. I was still miffed about my little tiff with my boss about my shows and I needed to work that off. I had slept throughout the day on and off and I was ready to do…something…anything. The gym is a good diversion, better than the other diversions I was contemplating. Those other "less healthy" ways to make things better. At least for the time being. I am well aware that those other things only make life bearable for a brief moment, the problems, the little annoyances will still be there. At least through the gym, I'll be doing something constructive with my time. I text messaged Meredith a few times, no answer. I rang her, no answer. I was not happy. It was a rather chilly night, in the twenties, and I really didn't want to have to wait for the bus again.

I realized that she must have fallen asleep and was not getting up. I missed the eight o'clock bus so I watched the DVD extras for the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. I had just watched the movie (the long version, which is a tearjerker if there ever was one) and I was tired of the writer's strike in Hollywood that has made regular television unwatchable right now.

I got ready to make the nine o'clock and right before I was ready to go, my plumbing went haywire! I mean, explosive. I mean, painful, explosive, doubled-over, "I want to die" kind of plumbing problems. Thank the gods this happened before I got on a bus!

Needless to say, I never made it to the gym, it was all I could do to stay out of the loo and I spent the rest of the evening in bed, once I voided out my liver, spleen, lower intestine, a kidney and whatever I had eaten for the last week or so.

Morning came and I felt much better. Lighter, actually. I got up and saw that Meredith had rung and we chatted by text, her apologizing and me giving her a little shit. We made plans for the gym later in the day and I decided to get out and about. Although the forecast was calling for a damp, dreary, sunless day ahead, my mood was a perfect match and I was all for it. Lance had text messaged me and I thought a visit to my "beau" was in order. I stopped by the Art of Flowers to update the Café although I had a devil of a time transferring one of the entries to my blog on MySpace. I never got it to work so I just did the usual quick check of my sites and off I went (I was a bit disappointed, I must admit, that no one commented on the Cafe by the time I logged off! That usually never happens!).

The day was overcast, the ground was still damp and wet with the remains of the snows from a few days ago and I couldn't have been happier. I haven't been on my jaunt in quite some time and it was nice to be walking through the city again, with no real purpose. I walked into Evo and Lance was standing right there. We kissed, just a peck, and I sat right in my usual spot at the bar and told him I was hungry and I wanted to eat. We talked about stuff for a bit, I was talked into a martini, and then my food came and there was no time for chat, I was voracious and I would have bitten his hand off if he got near. I had a grilled chicken breast on Panini bread with sautéed spinach and peppers with fresh mozzarella cheese. It was heavenly! I opted for the side of fries because I was so damn hungry and I ate the warm garlic rolls that came beforehand, dipping them in the olive oil, fresh chopped tomatoes, onions and chives, and the whipped butter that comes on a cute little tray with the basket of rolls. The martini, usually the focus of any meal (for me), was just an afterthought. I resisted the double chocolate cake for dessert. I hadn't been to the gym for a few days and I still wasn't convinced that I was getting there later in the day. By the time I was done and had licked the plate, Lance had finished his shift and I walked him to the Jitney stop. I had more errands to go on and I only had today to do them. We gave a little kiss as he got on the bus and off I went, finally making my way back home, where I detailed what happened previously.

Although those dark clouds didn't bring rain to my island today, a heavy rain fell in my heart.

I pulled myself together, since Meredith rang and we were on for the gym.

I ATTACKED THAT GYM LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW! I tore it up, lifting near the weight I used to handle before my little hiatus. It felt good. Real good. It was just what I needed and I think I sucked all the inspiration out of Meredith because she ended up just watching me acting like a maniac. I kept focus on the true prize, Wawa! It's a great little reward at the end of a hard workout, a classic hoagie, Italian, with everything, DOUBLE MEAT!


Meredith and I said our good-byes and I entered the penthouse with my plastic bag of good eats (I forgot to mention the salt and vinegar Ketel Chips and the V-8!) and I am now in my room, full, satisfied, a little sore, a lot heartbroken, watching the rest of the DVD extras (six bloody hours) from this fabulous movie.

Tomorrow, it's back to the gym and then I work, finally! Maybe another walk on the boards and who knows…

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