08 February 2011

First Posted 28 November 2007

To Philadelphia...

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I woke up feeling wonderful. I had slept intermittently throughout the night but, I was still refreshed when I finally got up before the alarm went off. I had left the television on, again, and was not really into watching yet another Thanksgiving-themed show on the History Channel so I switched to the local news to see what my day would be like, weather-wise. David Murphy, the 6ABC meteorologist, tells me that it's going to be a great day. I don't believe him since the rains are still hanging on to the coast and a few days ago, he lied to me and the entire Delaware Valley. He told me it wasn't going to rain and it did. Buckets. I was not happy.

I packed my bag with extra items, since I was staying an extra day or two in Huntington Valley, put on a light jacket and packed a heavier one, and off I trekked to the Art of Flowers to say hullo and happy holidays to my friends there before I took the early train to the City of Brotherly Love. I stopped by the Rite Aid to purchase a few more items that I needed for my "vacation" and off I went, through Atlantic City, marveling at the temperatures that continued to increase with every step down the sidewalk. I can't believe it's the day before Thanksgiving and I am now stripping down to a T-shirt because I am sweating profusely with my bag slung over my shoulder. I pass through the shops at The Walk and notice that they are just opening, only just realizing that I am making a really early start to my day. I enter the train station and sit, I have tickets still from the past few years that I never used so, there was no need to bother the ticket agent. I sat and watched the other passengers waiting along with me and was a bit perplexed as to why it wasn't busier. I guess everyone had gotten to wherever they were going already. Damn, I love to sit and make up stories about my fellow passengers. Kind of hard to do when there aren't too many interesting people around you.

They call the train and I wander through the doors to the platform and am once again struck as to how beautiful a day this was becoming. I found a nice spot near the engine, I love to hear the train's horn sound when we are traveling down the tracks.

(Editor's Note: Mom said I have to stop writing and get my ass in the shower, NOW! so we can leave for Maryland and dinner.) Next up: my train ride and my day in Philadelphia.

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