08 February 2011

First Posted 30 January 2008

Things That Happened When They Happened

Current mood:depressed

I have a head cold. Of course. I had to work so much this week that I got a cold right before my manager left for Florida. Notice I said it was before my manager left. It wasn't because I worked so much, it was because I HAD to work so much. It's not much of a cold, it just makes me sound like a frog.

It was an interesting week. I pulled a few doubles and a few double-backs. I had off on Wednesday and went to the Pool Bar at Harrah's. We met at the Westside Lounge, of course, I had to go there even though I was off. There was a group of about eight of us and we met for pre-cocktails. Miss Patti was getting on my last nerve, though, asking stupid questions the entire time. "Why do we have to meet at the Westside so early?", "How long are we going to be there?", "When are we going to go?", stuff like that. I was not amused. She and I have been going out together since…oh…nineteen eighty-seven, I think she should know the drill by now. I dealt with her the best I could but I think the waxing full moon was also in effect. It was a doozy of a full moon and I was feeling it course through my veins. Something was amiss and I knew it. We got ourselves together and off we went, leaving poor Jose and his new squeeze by their lonesomes (I felt bad about that, though, we took the entire bar with us), drove through the tunnel and arrived at Harrah's. We found Steve and he took us to our table, right next to the pool. How cool was that! We ordered our cock…tails and sat and soaked up the ambience. The evening couldn't have been more fabulous! The moon was shining through the glass dome above our heads, the coloured lights of Harrah's tower were gleaming down upon us and friends, new and old, surrounded me. I couldn't have been happier.

I wasn't happy, though. I kept telling Miss Patti and Meredith that my spidey sense was tingling. Something was off and I couldn't put my finger on it.

The bottle came and our waitron poured our drinks and those that hadn't been there went exploring around the place. It is a very nice space and I really enjoy being there. The night progressed, Miss Tene came and a few of the drag-girls came by and we all talked and watched the fun going on around us.

My mood, though, grew darker and I couldn't put my finger on it.

I wandered around for a bit and then returned to the table. I never get a chance to just sit and enjoy myself when I am out because I am always working, since my job is in a nightclub. I guess the combination of my relaxation and my mood was very apparent on my face because everyone was coming up to see if I was okay. I was, I just felt…out of sorts, like something might happen. I must say here that the night ended fine, I feel like I am foreshadowing a bucket-load of doom, I'm not, but something did happen that made me think that my fun at the Pool Bar would come to an end after that evening.

Later, I wandered around again, to clear my head and then it happened. I saw a friend of mine that used to go out with my former best friend. Well, that was that. I saw that she was having a good time and now, unless I want to try to get him flagged from a bar I don't work at or I am prepared to get into another fistfight (which will happen, believe me), I know that she'll tell him about the place and he'll come and that will be that. So, I just won't go anymore.


This sucks, though. I really enjoyed going there, I knew everyone and was having a great time being not where I work.

I won't go back.

We went back to the Westside Bar and Lounge to cap off the night, although not before running into Miss Patti and her beau gambling. After they said they were going home. Uh-huh.

The rest of the week was spent with you know who, believe it or not. He returned to the Westside, although he told me that he has been there a few times, he's just been leaving early. I would like to say that I wasn't happy to see him. I can't. And things have gotten more complicated. My mother is NOT going to be happy. I actually missed him and…well…I don't know, I think he's cute.

What am I going to do?

Monday, Latin Night, sucked big time. According to a certain drag queen, it's because of the former bartender telling people that we're shut and that Miss Tene is not helping promote the night, even though she was out that night. Whatever. Tuesday, Ed and I had our usual fun. Thursday was uneventful, except for Scar coming in. Jose needed off on Friday so he made me switch for my Saturday. Not a fair trade. No, not at all. Now it's Sunday and I am sitting home watching the Fox line-up of cartoons to get me in the mood for my Café tonight.

We are changing our entire schedule starting the second week of February. Keep your eyes peeled about the new line-up and mark your calendars accordingly. The Café is moving to Fridays, hint, hint!

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