08 February 2011

First Posted 20 October 2007

Here Comes The Rain Again!

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Got up again, rather early and bandied about, getting this and that done in my room. You'd think by now I'd have a handle on things in one simple room but, you'd be wrong. I keep finding a stack of paperwork here, a shoe box of junk to sort there. I didn't realize that Chunkie's and Jerry's packrat ways have rubbed off on me. The weather lookedominous, dark clouds, heavy with promised rain but, the weather people assured me that I needn't worry. The rains that pounded the western Appalachians with tornados and flooding wouldn't come to the shore areas until well into the late afternoon, probably more like early evening. So, instead of getting myself together early, as my instincts warned me so I'd be able to do my usual wanderings, I continued to putter around the penthouse. Coffee is becoming my new drink of choice (don't worry, my liver, the Ketel One will flow soon!). An hour or so passed and I jumped into the shower to clean myself off. My quick half-hour on the beach, fully clothed, the night before to watch the Sands come down found beach sand surprisingly lurking in cracks and crevices on my body that I didn't know I had, much to my dismay. It's one of the biggest reasons why I hate the beach. The insidious sand, it gets EVERYWHERE! It's nice to look at, though, from my bedroom windows. I wrapped a towel around my waist after finishing up in the bath and was walking back to my room when I hear this noise, much like torrential rain coming in to my bedroom windows. And that's exactly what it was. It was ten-thirty in the morning, a full eight hours before my local meteorologist predicted the rains would be falling on my little island. Now everything was soaked on my windowsills. Thank you, Accuweather. You are a true, and accurate friend!
Realizing that the day was shot, rain wise, I bucked up and got dressed and decided that a little monsoon will not kill me and I packed up my bag and off I went over to my favouritehaunt, The Art of Flowers, and gossiped with Becky and Chuck about the stick bride and who died the night before. "The stick bride?", you ask? Yes, the "stick bride". Some bride saw a Martha Stewart fakafta centrepiece that included branches and roses and river rocks and lights, I can only imagine what it's going to look like when it's put together! They were first commissioned to do thirty of them but, it was greatly reduced, much to Becky's relief. They were joking that potential new brides should be BANNED from any and all Martha Stewart magazines, television shows, websites and advertisements. I concur.
I updated the Cafe and checked some emails, my journal entry alerts are increasing at an alarming rate. I need to get back on the Internet at the penthouse soon and take a day (or two or ten) to play catch-up on everyone's lives! The downpours let up for a bit and I began my walk around the city, mostly to see Chase at the Tropicana.
I had forgot to mention that on Thursday evening, whilst watching the Sands implosion, Chase offered me another job, one that he feels I would be perfect for, special events and promotions at Trump Plaza. Now, I haven't a clue what this job entails but, I'm willing to meet with the person in charge and see what what it's all about and see what happens. I went to his shop but, of course, he wasn't there so, I splurged and went to Burger King for lunch. Mmm...extra pickles! As I sat eating, the rains came down again and stopped right when I was finished and I wandered back into the Tropicana to find Chase once more. He was there! We chatted and he'll make the necessaryarrangements for an interview and let me know where and when.
I got home after wandering though the rain-soaked city and reclined on the couch in another afternoon session of "Living Room Library". We have a channel in our area, put out by Stockton State College, that plays classical music videos (who knew?). I put that on and just read for about an hour or so, finally taking a nap.
I got up, did my workout, ate dinner, puttered some more, found that I can access the Internet once again on my mobile (woohoo!), chatted on said mobile, read some more, watched telly and then went to bed.

Only to get up, a few hours later, again. Gods, I would love one good night's sleep!

Don't forget, the true gossip can only be found in the AOL Cafe, the original and best location for finding out everything about EVERYBODY! Yes, I wrote about you, too!

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