08 February 2011

First Posted 22 September 2004

Week-End Folllies

Friday, Miss America Parade night The parade was not as packed as usual due to the threat of rain, but it was still well attended. I was resplendant in a lime green turtleneck mesh dress with a train and my fabulous fuschia hair set it off just so. I also had a rainbow thong, from Macy's no less, underneath it all and I looked so hoochie. The "girls" and I made our entrance from the side lines and got the usual screams and shouts from the onlookers. At one point, we kind of stole the thunder from Miss New Jersey, since she happened to be going by when we made another appearance. Poor thing, she didn't have a chance of winning this year, anyway. The winds from hurricane Ivan were getting to be a bit much so I decided to wander back to the club to get ready for the "rilly big shew". It took a bit for the crowd to get there but when they did, it was insane. We had over seven hundred people there at the final count. Our opening number was "Cell Block Tango" from the movie/play Chicago. We made our entrance from out in the crowd, at different points and sauntered up to the stage before the vocals began. It was a big hit. Instead of the usual prison attire, we had cute little dresses made each in a colour of the gay flag. The rest of the show was just too fun, and I got many, many, many compliments on our performances. I revised my "Positively New Jersey" number, only this time, the New Jersey applique I had on my outfit was in the rainbow flag colours (made with glitter, of course). Thank you, Governor McGreevy. I was so glad that everything went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time. The rains started an hour after we got off stage. Thank you, angels. I think I finally snuck out of there around 3:30am. My voice began to sound like Bea Arthur. Saturday, Miss America crowning night I ended up being late for work. My flatmate woke me up to get my laundry moving along, even though he had off the rest of the night and I was not going to get sleep until Monday. I was a bit pissed. I got my stuff together and started to pack for Sunday's pageant. The Miss America pageant was on and I got a caught up in watching it (of course) so packing became a slow process and by the time I got to work, I was forty minutes late. No one noticed because no one was there, customer wise. When it got down to the top two, I wanted Miss Louisiana to win, just for the leopard print dress she was sporting but, she didn't. Boo! The televisions were on all throughout the club and I got to see the crowning. It was painfully slow the rest of the night, I think the torrential rain showers had something to do with it, and my manager was kind enough to let me go around 8:30a so I could rest in one of the rooms we had set aside for our dressing area. Sunday, Miss'd America Pageant I got four hours of sleep and got my ass out to the deck for rehearsal. The rains had stopped and once again the weather was spectacular. With all the angels in heaven who we do this show in honor of, we have been truly blessed with the weather for the last thirteen years. It took forever for all of the contestants and the other past Miss'd Americas to show up, I could have slept more. Bitches! Rehearsals went well, the props arrived, the jitney bus for our swimsuit number and the clapboard for the in between set breaks, they were too cute. We had our 5:00p dinner break and got ready for the shindig. The opening went well, it's always good when the audience laughs when you expect them to. For those of you who couldn't make it, the event on 5/11 that our Michael Mary Tyler Moore was filming a documentary about was Brittany Spears injuring her leg and having to cancel her tour. It was a tragedy, I know. We still suffer. I did my tear jerker number, "I Can See Clearly Now"-Holly Cole Trio, and lost it so bad, I cried for a half hour after I got off stage. I really can't do that number when it is such an emotional event and I haven't had sleep and have been under stress. Oh well, they are good tears if you shed them for friends. I put on my new Erte' dress and we crowned Andrea LaMour as Miss'd America 2005. I got changed and got rip-roaring drunk. By now, my voice had reached Brenda Vaccaro territory. As an aside, one of my best friends and his girlfriend showed up, way later, and I was not a happy camper with him. Nice to know that on the most important day of the year for me, I can count on him to come and support. Jerk. That goes for anyone else in this town that couldn't behoove themselves to show up, Lance! All in all, the event was a total success and I am so happy that we pulled it off again. Thank you to the past Miss'd Americas, the contestants, the staff of Club Tru/Studio Six, the S.J.A.A. and our judges. And all the people who came and supported our little madcap pageant. And especially Sandy Beach. You are truly an angel on earth. Monday, Coma Monday I slept all day and all night and had no voice what-so-ever.

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