08 February 2011

First Posted 29 April 2004

All's well that ends not well.

Concerning my date, I did lie a little about the end of the evening. No I didn't go home with him, that's not what you do when you want to snag a partner for awhile, not an evening. Christ, he said he would either pick me up in a green Jaguar or a blue Audi, I ain't puttin' out yet! Patience shall be rewarded (Oh it was the Jaguar, natch). What really happened was, we got a bit lost trying to get to 30th Street Station from Center City, we ended up in University City somehow and by the time we got to the train station, I ran down to the platform and the train was pulling out. He waited a bit to see if I made the train, how gallant, and since I didn't, I checked my bus schedule and found that there was a bus in just 10 minutes, he drove me there. After a quick kiss goodbye, DAMN!, I ran in the bus terminal, through the police and the drug dealers and the homeless and the rude, screaming cabbies, purchased a ticket and queued to board the bus waiting at the gate. And waited. And waited. And waited. I had the inspiriation to check a current schedule, the one I had was from the early '90's, and found that I would be waiting a long time. I passed the time recalling the events of earlier in the day and before you know it, the bus opened up and I boarded and was whisked away to the island paradise known as Atlantic City. I did float home, just on a different cloud than the one I had said in the last entry. With my karma, I can't have everything go perfect. Something has to f*ck up at some point.

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