08 February 2011

First Posted 27 April 2004

My (not so) Dangerous Laision

The day went almost exactly as I thought, I just didn't sleep on the main line. I had the best time. It was a very beautiful day. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. The outdoor cafes were open and the outfit I wore was just right, white short sleeve shirt over a white t-shirt and creme pants, brown shoes and a brown suede light jacket. I figured the white/light colour made me look a little more virginal then I am. No snide comments, please. We first went to a great, funky little coffee bar (not Starbucks, God forbid). I had a double espresso since I was up at an hour I am normally asleep, he took his coffee black. We talked about our familys and how we did the whole coming out thing. We then drove through Fairmount park and along boathouse row and parked the car on the Franklin Parkway so we could enter the Philadelphia Museum of Art from the famed front steps. The art museum was a great first date, a really good way to see if you click with a person, what their tastes are, how they perceive the world and such. You can talk, quietly of course, and not talk, just to see how comfortable (or not) those silences are. He likes impressionism, Renior and the like. I am more into the gothic religious works and the studys by Van Dyke and his followers. We both liked the sclupture, classical in style. We then went back to the South Street area to eat. The restaurant he chose was a trendy little eatery off of South Street. The food was tasty and the martinis' were perfection. We talked about work and schooling and careers. After dinner we walked through the area, South St. has changed but hasn't, if you know what I mean. Twilight was upon us so we walked through the Revolutionary War parks to an outdoor cafe for iced coffees. The conversation was light and animated, laying the groundwork for date number two. Since he had to get up god-awful early, he drove me to the train station. I floated home. All in all, it was a perfect day.

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