08 February 2011

First Posted 22 October 2007

Boring Sidney!!! Exterminate!!! Exterminate!!!

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I was up and at 'em very early today. Again. I took three generic brand PM pills before going to bed thinking, "This has GOT to knock me the fuck out." It didn't. Not even close. I barely got any sleep, I was up watching the television (which is horrendous from Saturday night to Sunday morning, thank the gods I always worked during that time for all these years), over and over, time and again, finally giving in and staying awake because, I wasn't really falling asleep. This is getting ridiculous. The funny thing is, I don't feel tired or rundown during the day. It's as if my body only needs this minute amount of rest. I don't understand it, though. I am walking nearly ten miles through the city a day, up and down throughout the casinos, bicycling more than five miles, I am going to the gym and working out hard for an hour or more, I am doing things that should make me so bloody tired by the time I go to bed that I should pass right out cold and...and...nothing. I am wide awake when I lay down or, I sleep for two, three hours and then I wake up, wide awake and ready to go. My flatmate, Jerry, was asking me why I was up so early, ready and where would I be going at this hour? I had no answer. But I was up and ready and going. I went to the boards and picked up a Sunday Press and read it in minutes. It's a waste, an indulgence, a habit. There's never really anything in the Sunday edition, as huge as it may be, that holds my interest but, I wander out and buy it from the kiosk. I leave it by Jerry's bedroom door and head out to start my daily trek to...nowhere.
Of course, I end up at the Art of Flowers first. I didn't show up on Wednesday and Becky hollered at me the next day, "Where were you yesterday!", she demanded. It was the day I went to the club offices instead of the flower shop to use a computer for my Cafe updates.
It's nice to be missed! I make sure I pop in now, when I am on my daily walk, I don't want to be reprimanded so harshly again (use a whip next time, Becky)! We chatted a bit aboutmy staff meeting the day before and she showed me the Chinese Auction baskets that are going to be used for her "swan song" benefit for the local Battered Women's Shelter (although methinks Miss Becky cannot, and will not, stop fundraising anytime soon. It's in her blood and she's brilliant at it). She's got me doing a little show as the entertainment and the event is being held at the Trump Marina Hotel/Casino. I haven't a clue what songs to do. "I Will Survive" comes to mind. I mean, look who it benefits. She let me use her computer, quickly, since she had an appointment coming in. I updated the Cafe, answered some emails and informed Delio that he's barred from the new club, just in case. I don't need that on opening night. Becky's appointment came in and off I went.
Miss Patti took an early train to the island and I met her at The Walk Outlet Shops, specifically The Gap, so she could make an exchange for her niece. We then decided to try the A.C. Diner (formerly the I.H.O.P.). Bad decision. The service was just adequate and it's amazing how everything we ordered was compleatly tasteless. Not even salt would bring out any flavour. I had a corned beef special and she had a BBQ roast pork melt and believe me, if we shut our eyes and you switched plates, we wouldn't have a clue. "Bland" is the word for the service and the food. The Fifties style decor was the only saving grace.
We finished up, gossiping about the new club and what I am going to wear for Halloween behind the bar. I really want to wear my Queen Elizabeth outfit but, it's a bit much for behind the bar, even though it's a big bar. I'll come up with something before the big day. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will have to host the Halloween contest that evening. I always end up doing it, whether I want to or not.
We wandered around window shopping at the new stores that recently opened (and I mean, they just built them from the ground up within the last month), I can't believe how that neighborhood has changed after all these years. It's really unrecognizable if you haven't been there in a while. I walked her to the jitney so she could go to work and I went through Ballys Casino to the boardwalk and proceeded to get sunburned and sweating up a storm on my walk home. Did anyone notice that it's LATE OCTOBER,FORCHRISSAKES?!? Umm...God...Mother Nature...whomever's in charge...I think it's time to turn off summer and send a little autumn our way.

Just a suggestion.

I was listening to my mp.3 player again. I had wiped the memory and reloaded it with some stuff I haven't heard in a long time and I was dancing and singing my way through the city. At this point, I don't really give a damn how mad I look. I got to my neighborhood and a car is beside me and the occupants are calling my name. I turn and it's two people I do not know but, they were so excited that they saw me, they were all happy and snapping my picture on their mobile phones. Umm...whatever.

The celebrity life! Somebody has to live it!

I stopped back in to the Art of Flowers and sat with Becky, asking her about her bridal appointment she had after I had left earlier. "Cheap" is the word. When a bride says "mums", you know she's cutting corners. I guess in this economy, not every bride can afford orchids. I know my wedding will be festooned with daisies EVERYWHERE! In every orifice!

Oh, wait. I can't legally get married.


We were chatting about The Wonder Bar, a former hole-in-the-wall dive bar that is now a very nice restaurant and the next thing I know, she and I have a dinner date on Monday after business hours. I was about to tell her that she didn't have to do it but, I then said, "Becky, thank you because, I have eight dollars in quarters in my pocket that has to last me, food wise, until Friday."
Hmm...maybe I could write a book, "How To Live Fabulously On An Island For Less Than A Dollar A Day". Of course, it would be a short book for as you see, I can write it right now in it's entirety:

"Become Mortimer. The End."

That's it. Simple, huh?
Believe me, being me is NOT simple, which a brief review of the Cafe will more than prove. I don't recommend it. It's not for the faint of heart, the sane, the sober, or the drama-phobe.

I left Becky and went home, singing and dancing all the way and looking at the cute boys in their bathing suits going down to the beach to sit in the sun. IN OCTOBER! I got in to Dracula Jerry's Over-Done Penthouse and made my way to my crypt, stripping off my sweaty shirt and jeans and making myself comfortable in gym shorts.

I tried to nap. No dice.

Time to work out. Then, who knows? There's always prostitution to pass the time..

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