08 February 2011

First Posted 18 January 2008

Journey To The Pool Bar

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I went out on my usual jaunt yesterday, taking my usual route through the city and on the boardwalk. I stopped by The Art of Flowers and updated the Café, chatting with Becky about her serious lack of business, which seems to be permeating the city. More and more businesses are complaining about the lack of customers. I notice the problem more and more as I wander around town. It's not the off-season lull that usually occurs around this time, it seems to be a bit worse than usual.

I had been texting Lance at Evo during my walk and decided to make a beeline for the restaurant to see him, he just had surgery on his gall bladder, and I wanted to see how he was doing. Of course, the fact that he was at work was a good sign that he was doing well. I got there and sat at my usual spot at the bar, right at the corner near the server station. I ordered a Ketel One martini from the bartender, chatting with her about how slow it's been and Lance joined me and we talked about his surgery and how he was doing. He seemed to be in great spirits and looked well, I was happy to note. I decided to eat so I ordered a Gorgonzola salad, with an edible bowl, and watched the wait staff do their thing while Lance did manager things.

By my third martini, I was feeling no pain. None. Lance had finished his shift and we left together, me staggering and trying not to look as drunk as I was as we made our way to the jitney stop. I got off at my stop after coordinating with Lance about when we're getting together later that night for the new promotion party at the Pool Bar at Harrah's.

I passed out. Really passed out. Like, comatose. I woke to the alarm going off and I wanted to throw it out the still new windows along with my throbbing head! I limped to the bathroom and threw cold water on my face, bracing for the task I had appointed myself, the House of Pain. I was still a little tipsy, and I didn't want to go. Ever. But I got changed, threw on a coat, got my bus fare together and ran to the corner to catch the five-oh-five to Ventnor Plaza. If I was going to a pool party later that night, I needed one more session of working out just in case I decided to take a dip. Vanity, thy name is Mortimer.

I don't recommend working out when you've had three martinis in you during lunch.

No, I don't recommend it at all.

I did a good, sweaty workout, even though it was very busy in the gym, and ran to the bus and got home in enough time to get my act together for the evening's revelry. I decided on a tight black button-down shirt, short sleeved so I can show off the "guns". Lance rang when he was ready and I coordinated with Meredith and I rung up a taxi and swung by to pick up my "beau" and go to the Westside to meet the rest of our gang of merry-makers. Miss Tene was in rare form, sitting on her usual perch right in front of the video game machine, and we ordered our cocktails and waited for Meredith to come collect us. We didn't wait too long, and Meredith had to play catch-up, ordering her Malibu and coke, a combination I personally find heinous. We laughed, joked and drank, finally deciding to get our asses in gear and get to Harrah's. It's so convenient to travel from the club, we are right next to the exit for the Atlantic City Expressway, the Marina Tunnel and the White and Black Horse Pikes. So we shot right through the tunnel and were in Harrah's parking garage in three minutes. It's amazing. I think it took longer walking through the casino to get to the Pool Bar than it did driving there. I guided Lance and Meredith, my entourage, through the complex and we ended up at the front door to the Pool Bar and entered. The space is cavernous, the music was thundering and the kids were frolicking in the pool and dancing around it. I immediately began bumping into people I knew, saying "hullo" and making introductions. It was like the old Club Tru/Studio Six days. Simply everyone was there. I finally made my way to the bar to pay for the over-priced cock…tails and Steve (the former manager of the Studio Six who now manages the Pool Bar) found us and walked us over to a private area so we could hang with some of the former staff of the Studio Six. After the "hullo"s and hugs, the "you look great"s and the "how have you been"s, we began drinking the free Ketel One vodka Steve provided and took in the surroundings. It's basically the casino's pool during the day, made over into a nightclub at night. There are private cabanas surrounding the actual pool, with various hot tubs and spas tucked into a corner here and there. Very tres chic and fabulous. And it was packed! Miss Tene finally arrived and we sat and drank, walked around, checked out the bathrooms/locker rooms, watched the bikini clad girls splashing around with the horny boys. It was really fun. Lance and I sat on the same chair, smooching and hugging, much to the shock of Miss Tene, who just HAD to take him upstairs to the smoking area and grill him about this new state of affairs. It's not so new, actually. We have been flirting for years. We'll see what happens. One thing I have to say, not one person gave us a disapproving look when we so publicly showed our affections. That is always a good sign. The world, she is a changing. It was more schmoozing and cruising, drinking and laughing, before we finally decided we had enough and made our good-byes to everyone there. Which took another hour or so.

Steve told me they want to do a gay night so, I am expecting a phone call soon to coordinate that event. It should be fun. Can you see us now, a bunch of drag queens in the pool doing a synchronized swimming production number! THAT would be an event to see! I'll keep you posted.

We ended up back at the Westside to give our opinions on the night to Jose, who actually worked for me, for a change. We had another drink, or two, and Meredith left and Lance and I smooched and chatted, finally taking our leave in a taxi for our respective homes.

He paid for the night but I am not about to put out so quickly…


He's a great kisser, though.

Today was spent lounging in bed, the weather was cold, windy and rainy and I only ventured out to go to the gym again with Meredith. I could barely open her car door when she came to get me, the wind tunnel that the Rivera and Warwick buildings create make my little street nearly impossible to walk down during blustery storms. I got a great workout in and I am really loving that I am back into my fitness routine.

I did get a few nice comments about my physique last night, which felt good, so I am doubly happy that I plunged right back into working out. I may not be a "spring chicken" as my dear friend Chris would say but I am going to fight gravity every step of the way. I want to look good naked. That's my goal.

Well, I have to get up early tomorrow and go see Sweeny Todd with Miss Patti. After that, I have to work at the Westside at four in the afternoon. My schedule is so odd this week, I barely know what day it is.

Time for sleep.

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